The fatal error of the PTB

Mad Piper wrote:

Am I the only fellow that feels that we are not free men as everyone parrots? A free man wouldn’t require permission of his government to purchase a weapon, own a car, or remodel his home. I would argue we merely have the illusion of being free men.

I agree.  though it’s been said before, it needs to be underlined that we never really were free anyway – we only thought we were.  I’d like to take that further, if I may.  At OoL, Longrider saw fit to disparage the Judaeo-Christian tradition which gave him the freedom to at least say the things he does with impunity, as with me, as with all of us.

Now he’ll get his dearest desire of a creationist-free world and have a good look, folks, at how it’s shaping up – great place to live in now, isn’t it?

You see, in those fuddy-duddy days of God, Queen and country, the PTB had us all where they wanted us … voluntarily.  We were taught Christian values in school, on the tele, everywhere you turned it was about our accepting our lot in life – if you were the train driver, that’s what you were.  If you were the bank manager, that was your lot in life.

There were ethics in business and a whole lot of hypocrisy.  Everyone knew what was right or wrong but tried to circumvent it.  It was a giant elephant in every room and no one could break free of its constraints, especially those constraints beloved of the PTB, i.e. everyone knowing his place, giving unto Caesar that which was Caesar’s, observing the basic rules of etiquette.

When the King or Prime Minister announced that the country was at war, young men enlisted without having to be forced.  The PTB had it good.  The Standard Oils could make their packet on the war, the rich got richer and the poor had their depleted families but the satisfaction that they’d shown incredible bravery and stoicism.  Medals were given.

True conservatives could believe they were in the best society on earth.  The artificially induced cycles of boom and bust could continue unfettered.  We were proud to be of the British Empire or of America.

Then the PTB blew it and the reasons for this were manifold:

1.  It was in the nature of these people to be malcontents, dissatisfied with their lot, envious, feeling their control was not quite complete.  These were lowlifes in fine suits, eating at the best restaurants.  Their homelives did not bear scrutiny, which was just as well because they didn’t get scrutiny.

2.  Though the system was great for them – taking the most Statist aspects of Christianity and mixing them with Old Testament [Jewish] fire and brimstone, parroted through the mouths of placemen of the State dressed up as Popes and Archbishops – though the PTB were onto a perpetual winner here, nevertheless, the other side of their duality was screaming for it to end.

3.  This other side is who the PTB are really working for and you need only look at Ephesians 6:12 to find out about that.  Basically, as so many today are similarly saying, it doesn’t matter how good the bastardized version of Christianity was for controlling the population, any good PTBer absolutely detested anything remotely to do with the Cross.  It was offensive to lost souls who only wanted to wallow in ordure and depravity and for whom compassion made them physically ill.

4.  Not satisfied with just causing a modicum of misery for long-suffering humanity, with intermittent culling in the form of war, they wanted more – they wanted people enslaved, they wanted people’s noses rubbed in the ordure, with the whip on their backs.  We saw it with the Japanese, the Germans, the U.S. at Abu Ghraib – these were the agents of the PTB and the order was humiliation and hatred.

If a human being displayed these traits – having control and yet not satisfied but wanting to harm and destroy other human beings, we’d say he was psychopathic, sociopathic, that he’d had a bad childhood, that he was insane.  Yet the PTB are like this and you can see it with every decision moving us closer to totalitarian control now – and we don’t call them insane?

Of course they’re insane.  They’ve also given away the enormous advantage they had.  While they make that final grasp for total control over the human race – observe the EU’s final grabs for powers, beyond any pretence of sanity any more – they are also losing the people in a very Solzhenitsyn sort of way.

Free of any sort of loyalty to Queen and country, God having already been consigned to the scrapheap of history [so they think], people are turning on the very PTB and not trusting anything at all they say.  People are coming out with new ways of running nations, free of politicians and bankers.  The very bulwarks of the PTB are under assault and the PTB think they’ll overcome this with the pulling of the internet plug, lots of bullets and liberal doses of soma.

They may just have underestimated, big time, the capacity of the human to see through BS and not to accept oppression forever.  I believe the PTB are well aware of that too and thus the megawars will begin, to fulfil the Malthusian mantra of population reduction.  I believe that Armageddon is not just a concept but a very real place where, strategically, armies could well congregate.

All of us involved in this resistance are at one on one thing – the PTB have no intention whatever of repatriating any powers to the people.  Where I go further, as a Christian, is in saying that the ultimate intention of the PTB is not just control while they enjoy their cushy lifestyles.  No, it’s far more sinister than that – it’s the destruction of human beings – of us.

This has always been the ultimate intention, the final solution – always.  From Pol Pot to Hitler, to Stalin, to North Korea – it’s not just the elimination of dissenters, it’s the elimination of people.  Sure it’s a film but look at the James Bond View to a Kill.  Why did those workers all follow Zorin?  Because he promised them a share of the new wealth, he promised them employment and good conditions and so on.  And what did he do?  He gunned down his own men.


If you still have to ask this question, then I don’t think you’re fully aware of what you’re dealing with here.  We’re not dealing with rational people – we’re dealing with criminal psychopaths.  Because the one driving them on is like this.  Mad.  With an enormous chip on the shoulder and that chip is the happiness of Man.  It’s not enough to make Man’s life difficult – he can whistle while he suffers.  No, he has to grind Man down – to destroy him.

My Russian friends explained to me why so many millions were willing to throw themselves at the German bullets, in a sort of last ditch frenzy.  They honestly believed [and some grandfathers confirmed this] that Hitler was going to use them for slave labour in their own land and exterminate them as vermin.  Stalin put that message about and it was fully believed.

As it turned out, Stalin was right.  That was the plan.  Trouble was, it was also his and he thought nothing of wiping out millions while playing at Papa Joe.  Same with the Germans and Hitler, father of the nation.   Either not many ever really thought he was as bad as he was or they excused him in the lust for German hegemony in the world, her “manifest destiny” or else they were too terrified to say or do anything.

The PTB will not be satisfied with just the control of our food, water and housing.  They will want far, far more and we’re not going to be communicating with each other at that point, enough to counter them.  It will be too late.  If we’re to have any chance, it needs to be now.

Ranty puts it succinctly.

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  1. September 22, 2011 at 13:25

    Call me paranoid if you like, and I am not big on conspiracy theory, I think most of them are pure bunk, but I do have a little niggling thought.

    Could what you see as the collapse from what was once better be directly due to Jo Stalin and his sucessors?

    I do wonder if say the KGB were tasked with promoting ideas that would weaken western society and especially the British Empire to a point where they would be compliant?

    Look what has happened to education and look at the world view of it’s high end products. as a little example.

    Am I being nutty?

  2. September 22, 2011 at 16:02

    There is a power. It’s been referred to by Presidents, by the Queen, by members of the Congress and Senate, by others close to that power, e.g. Quigley. It’s been described as interlocked and its chief characteristic is its organization, rather than its philosophy.

    It has, maintains and desires to keep power, while keeping those below both in difficulties and also aspiring to that power. The select up and comers get a whiff of it.

    I was sounded out, as any who get to certain positions at times have been. I was an abject failure apparently.

    Things like marxism have been described by Yuri Bezmenov as indeed following a four stage plan, of which demoralization was the first. Yet even he had a limited view, not an overview. Each person has his bete noir – LaRouche has the Venetians, McFadden had the Fed, the Queen had “dark forces”, Ike had the MIC.

    All part of the same team. If marxism served its purpose, communitarianism is doing that now. Even today, two ladies commented at OoL on the World Core Curriculum and how they’re rolling out similar in Scotland.

    We saw snippets from it – nasty. These are sane women who brought this to the thread – who don’t suffer fools gladly and if they say it, well …

    You mention the high end products, Moggsy. Very much so. Mandelson, Strong, Trichet and so on. All the same view, all with the same goal. It’s not unlike the march of the zombies but intelligent zombies to an extent.

    There was a specific case of Graham Roberts who asked for FOI material. His details were phoned through to others in the organization and they were caught doing it. Put it into my search engine.

    This far, Moggsy, is entirely safe ground. Where we start theorizing is exactly who these bstds are, who they work for, if they do at all.

    One thing which is perhaps safe to say is that the game is sewn up. There’s no revolution which is going to achieve anything like what people are hoping for.

  3. Revolution Harry
    September 22, 2011 at 17:00

    Mogsy, I meant to reply to this earlier. Looks like James beat me to it by mentioning Yuri Bezmeonov. Have a look at this video.

    Out of interest, which specific ‘conspiracy theories’ do you consider to be ‘pure bunk’? I’m genuinely interested.

  4. September 23, 2011 at 06:50

    History seems to show that most revolutions seem to go badly wrong and most go off track sooner or later.

    I do believe the American one has stayed truer for longer than most others. As much as anything because of the forsight of those who framed the constitution and the ability to resist the lure of personal power.

  5. andy5759
    September 23, 2011 at 21:20

    Would the PTB comprise the über powerful banking families? Those that actually own nations’ federal reserves? Those that actually encourage nations to borrow more money from them, thus incurring further debt slavery for their own citizens?

  6. September 23, 2011 at 21:47

    Certainly includes them.

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