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There’s nothing particularly exciting about 2011 in my eyes, except this and 2012 will be where most eyes will be trained.

This evening we could be, as a society, forgiven for being morose, depressed, wishing to bring to trial and hang various people.  They never stop, never rest from continuing the command and control, never cease for a second exploring every crack, every fissure in our goodnaturedness to get control.

I don’t think they’re human, I seriously don’t.  Look at this by Celia Green:

Britain’s army of unpaid carers are to get new rights to protect their health and wellbeing under plans being considered by the Government.

More than six million people care for loved ones, friends and neighbours but many fail to get the recognition and support they need, say campaigners.

For the first time, plans to reform the social care system, due to be published next spring, will make carers’ needs a priority (Daily Mail, 28 December 2011)

But we know what ‘rights’ and ‘needs’ mean. If you are given a ‘right’, society is given the ‘right’ to force you to have what you have a ‘right’ to.

In the spring, Sainsbury’s will pilot a scheme in 14 of its London stores to identify hidden carers who may need support.

I have already commented on the disgusting idea of having supermarket staff trained to ask ‘unobtrusive’ questions without revealing their motive for doing so. Any supermarket that involves itself in persecution of this kind should be boycotted. I hope Sainsbury’s sales will drop significantly on this piece of news.

The Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow, says disarmingly:

Without the support of relatives and friends, many people who aren’t able to look after themselves would not be able to stay at home.

(Unspoken implication: we will be able to close in on them so much better if it is made illegal for them to get unpaid ‘help’.)

As I’m in the care business in RL, I asked about it today and was told the government had tried this on before.  They want to identify any carer and co-opt them voluntarily.  Slave labour with possible future incentives.

That’s appalling.

It never stops, they never stop.

They lie and suck the vulnerable in with promises of alruism and all they’re ever after is control.

This evening, let them not get us down, let them not make us despondent, let’s look forward to some victories in 2012.  We can start this way:

1. Withdraw our children from educational exposure we ourselves do not choose to expose them to;

2. Let’s vote for anyone but the Big 3 [in the States, anyone except the Big 2];

3. Let’s stay within the law but fail to cooperate with anything governmental or semi-governmental – take it to the very edge.

That’s about all we can do for now – keep hoarding the food and other supplies, spend virtually zero as far as we can but above all, let’s note what they don’t want – they don’t want us affording anything, eating good food, drinking good whisky or wine, they don’t want families coming together – they hate it – they want no outbursts of patriotism, they want no fun and raucous laughter.  they want depresssion and demoralization and even today the Mail was saying we don’t want democracy any more, when what they really meant was we don’t want 650 corrupt politicians at Westminster and more in Brussels and Washington.

This night’s our night, not theirs.  We’re going to enjoy it.  The food’s ready, the wine’s ready, the company’s ready – let’s do this thing.

Let’s not give them anything they want.

Happy New Year to all people of good intentions reading this!

3 comments for “Janus

  1. December 31, 2011 at 18:18

    Nice piece James. Happy New Year.

  2. JD
    December 31, 2011 at 20:01

    Not sure that Celia Green is as clever as she thinks she is. The basic assumption in her piece is that people are automata and will meekly follow directions without question or without thinking.
    This is the underlying basis of all scientific thinking, Everything, including thought, can be reduced to mechanistic processes.
    Green wrote a couple of interesting books in the sixties, one about lucid dreaming and another about out of body experiences but she does not seem to have understood the implications of her own research: we are not machines and our thoughts are not merely the reactions to stimulii.
    If she were to take a job at the checkout at Sainsbury instead of constantly whining about being an unsalaried academic she might learn something about people.

  3. December 31, 2011 at 20:25

    Don’t know anything about Ms Green, but her idea that pensions ought to be higher so that the elderly could afford paid help, when needed, gets a thumbs up from me.

    You’ll reach 2012 before we will – so here’s to y’all . I hope the New Year to come will bring brighter, more optimistic days.

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