Loyola, the Jesuits and Rivera

The purpose in running this was to find out more from readers.  Having come very late to the issue, which no doubt you’ve seen and have your opinion on, I’m still on the fence over it.

It began by me watching a series and this episode came up.  Up to this point, the young Scot had made a lot of sense and hadn’t mentioned anything too far-fetched, providing you had a basic Christian belief.  When the Jesuit Oath came up though, once again it was plunging into the old familiar claim and counter-claim, with the bona fides of the persons involved being in question.

In the end, it’s whom you believe or are inclined to believe.

If true, the oath is one of the most dastardly documents ever, as it exhorts the member to do what is generally imputed to Muslims and the Assassin sect to do.  Obviously, the language is so extreme, sort of like the Protocols of Zion and so utterly melodramatic that it’s hard to accept at face value.  My initial feeling was that the young Scot had been duped on this one.  He comes over as sincere and earnest and he’s certainly done his research but did he cross the line here?

First stop was here, a page which reprints the oath, seemingly the version on the Congressional record, this corresponding to that used by the young Scot.  It affirmed Rivera and gave further reading.

Next was to google “jesuit oath debunked” and that brought up the Catholic denunciation of the supposed Dr. Rivera, the ex Catholic priest who claimed it was true.  This was inconclusive, on Mandy Rice-Davies grounds.

Then came this forum, after which one commenter asked: “You’re seriously bringing up Alberto Rivera?”

Here’s Wiki on Alberto Rivera.

Jack Chick’s site.

Catholic Answers on Jack Chick.

Alberto Rivera’s son comes to his father’s defence.

Pro-Rivera site reprints the document showing him to have been a priest.

Evangelist denunciation of the Jesuit Oath hoax, as it sees it.

Yes, I know the arguments about forgeries, placemen etc. and this seems no different to the situation with so many other fiercely debated issues.  The stakes are, of course, high and for Ian Paisley to have used it makes it also tragic.  My own situation is that I was Christened and then Baptized into the Church of England but only nominally.  My current beliefs came much later, independently of the church.  These are summed up in my “About”.

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