Parachutee watch N336

Whilst this might not interest UK readers, yet it’s a motif played out on both sides of the pond with monotonous regularity. There are two aspects to it:

1. As the writer says: “It’s as if Kathleen Sebelius, Goldman Sachs, GE, GM, Solyndra, Verizon, Toyota, National Association of Realtors and so many others knew all along there would be zero penalty for cooking the books.”

That’s it – there is no comeback on not only shoddy accounting but out-and-out lying. The public has become so demoralized, exactly as Yuri Bezmenov explained they would and this is as a result of progressively less ethical practices by parachutees who are brought in for their double standards.

The high-sounding rhetoric they bind us with, such that we are fined and incarcerated for the slightest blemish, leaves these rank hypocrites free to move as they wish, with no comeback. This filters down from above.

And who’s above?

2. It must be obvious that a huge number of parachutees in this series are women of the kind you see in the photo – promoted to plum roles well above their station and/or capabilities, on a “positive discrimination programme”.  It’s deliberate Peterprinciplism.

There’s no doubt the gangster mentality and parachuteeism is not only among women of this kind, let’s be clear – there are men of the Blair type everywhere but men have been in the game longer and now there’s a huge rush to induct women to “make up the numbers” and the type of women in the vanguard you wouldn’t want anywhere near any utility you need to use.

They are either the overpromoted housewife type e.g. Jodi Farhat who flooded the Missouri basin and the vicious, hardnosed bitch type, e.g. Rebekah Brooks who should be behind bars. Anyway, here it is, on this latest version:

Exhibit 1

In 2011, Forbes’ 23rd ‘Most Powerful Woman In The World’, HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius was caught double-counting in the ObamaCare budget. Since then, the scandal has been ‘forgotten‘ – deep sixed.

‘What? Kathleen Sebelius?? ObamaCare??? Double-Counting???? No one told me about it!’ Bull crap. I told you HERE and HERE.

Long shot, I know… but it’s as if Kathleen Sebelius, Goldman Sachs, GE, GM, Solyndra, Verizon, Toyota, National Association of Realtors and so many others knew all along there would be zero penalty for cooking the books.

Try double-counting your tax write-offs…

The good news is, we know for sure that reported US Unemployment and National Debt figures are spot on.

Exhibit 2

During a televised interview to prepare the American public for a massive campaign to inoculate the population for the H1N1 flu virus, President Obama’s HHS Secretary, Dr. Kathleen Sebelius, told the nation, “study after study, scientist after scientist, has determined that there really is no safety risk with thimerosal.”[1]

Glancing at the foot-high stack of published clinical studies on the desk, years of independent research identifying certain neurological impairments, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and cellular organ damage resulting from vaccines containing the toxic ethylmercury preservative commonly known as thimerosal, it is incomprehensible to fathom the depth of scientific denial in Sebelius’ statement.

Was the Secretary blatantly lying to Americans, especially parents of small children six months and older and pregnant mothers, to convince us to line up for flu shots? If we unpack Sebelius’ misleading propaganda and properly rephrase her pronouncement, we can uncover a semblance of truth in her words.

Now, I’m going to add to that. The stationmaster near me reports that he has three bosses, all of them middle to young women, none of them having been brought up in the railways, none of them knowing anything but university “management” courses and this new dire class is romping around all the middle management in the UK and filling the spaces.

They’re perfect for the job – compliant, know-nothing, hell-bent on profit for their masters. Our stationmaster sent a memo to all three of them, suggesting he was going to run a course of twelve lessons for them to up their knowledge of the railways – he’d conduct it free of charge and it would be in the evening for three hours, three times a week, outdoors, including walking the tracks.

Guess what the response was.

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  1. December 23, 2011 at 08:56

    This is a bit of an air head comment after your serious post I know.

    But dosn’t the first one look like a publicity shot from some Star Trek, next, next, next generation spin off series and the other like a main character from a live action version of 1001 dalmations. Fur coats anyone?

  2. December 23, 2011 at 10:15

    Not airhead at all – it looks very much like that. 🙂

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