Macheath on the money again re spurious calls for help:

It’s an unfortunate combination, and one we’ve seen at work with the RNLI; an emergency response organisation with no alternative but to take each call seriously is forever at the beck and call of the thoughtless (not to mention intoxicated), who can summon assistance at the touch of a button on phones that may well, in some cases, be smarter than their owners (as described by the indefatigable JuliaM).

Mark Wadsworth on dealing with Scottish independence and RBS:

I assume that the bulk of this is with the Bank of England, so all we have to do prevent RBS from drawing down its balance to below £45.2 billion. Then the day after Scottish independence, the Bank of England merely swipes this cash, i.e. deletes it from the record and we send the new Scottish government a share certificate showing them as the new owner of the 90 billion shares.

Julia M on the appropriateness of commensurate justice:

A mother has told of her anger after the teenager who sexually abused her young daughter was handed an eight-day community work order for his crimes.

Her daughter was eight. Eight…  And just how had the two met?

Last night the mother of the eight-year-old victim – a foster carer who had taken the boy into her home – was joined by campaigners in condemning the sentence … The Ministry of Justice said the supervision order could include therapy work with a specialist.

Oh, and if anyone wonders where this bizarre concept of ‘restorative justice’ came from in the first place, well, wonder no more. It came from the EU.

Longrider on the smartphone disease:

Today it is scary smart phones that cause us harm.

But people become so obsessive about checking their email accounts and social networking sites that they actually become more stressed as a result, researchers said.

Some are so hooked to their devices that they even begin to experience “phantom” vibrations where they mistakenly believe their phone is buzzing in their pocket, it was claimed.

I’m beginning to think that maybe we should all just commit suicide at birth and save ourselves a great deal of trouble.

Luikkerland on a Britain ripe for the conquering:

Backward Britain trussed up to be conquered – as history would warn, if it were taught

Even a superficial coverage of a large arc of history would show that those of us who grovel to the Queen of England do so only because her ancestors stole and murdered, and justified the acts with self-anointment. Until recently, the people who were our politicians and leaders were exactly so because their ancestors had at some point been licensed by the Crown to join in the exploitation. These days, that license is bestowed by voters in elections who are under the impression that they are exerting their democratic right – such is the craftiness and low cunning of our ruling class.

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