Bond theme all-important

Not so much a theme song as a musical intro – the theme really came in with Louis Armstrong.

Telegraph: Bond popularity:

I’d go with that on the strength of Casino Royale – it wasn’t his fault the second one was a dud because of the eternal, boring, oh-so-serious, kickbutt girl and zero romance but rather than dwell on that, how important are the themes and which were the great ones? What were the elements which made a great theme?

I’d say:

1. Big-voiced, high profile artist – therefore Garbage, Duran Duran and all those were simply not up to this task and Madonna was an embarrassment;

2. Nicely bridges the intro and opening of the main part;

3. Definitely has to have rich colours and glamour in an inventive sequence – Casino Royale was clever but clinical and the voices were poor, Quantum was rubbish;

4. Needs a rich, pulsating, sensual feel with enormous distance between the highs and lows – must have a widesweeping Barryesque vista about it, not narrow in focus, needs to have a classic feel, must pack power in places but not for the whole 3 minutes;

5. MUST allude to romance or chemistry between male and female, in a sensual way;

6.  Must set the scene and thus create expectations;

7. Must have a big finish! [Except for Sheena’s]

My 5-4-3-2-1 [and remember that many of the themes were embedding disabled, so I had to settle for second best in audio quality] probably go like this:






Just audio – better quality:

Honourable mentions:

2 comments for “Bond theme all-important

  1. February 23, 2012 at 19:44

    I LOVE Sean and Roger. In fact, I wish he would step in again. Daniel looks more like the Bond villain. Shirley Bassey – by far the best Bond vocalist.

  2. Lord T
    February 24, 2012 at 12:56

    I think that most of the James Bond themes are good. Although OHMSS was one of those that got me into musical scores. Same with the Where Eagles Dare theme and other similar themes.

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