It’ll all end in tears

Women laughing alone over salad:

Actually, it won’t just end in tears – it’s far worse than that …


3 comments for “It’ll all end in tears

  1. andy5759
    February 9, 2012 at 16:17

    There must be something in this business of drizzling olive oil over your pommes d’amour before giving them a jolly good tossing. Ahem, I’ll get me coat.

  2. February 10, 2012 at 10:34

    This is the pressure modern society puts on women to conform to an unrealistic ideal of beaity.

    Those pictires absolutly show what one too many bowls of salad, when they really soo wanted a banana fudge sundae, can do to a persons mind.

    They are laughing hysterically.


    Small Print: The word “Salad”, in no way includes Moggsy’s to die for “greek salad”

  3. February 10, 2012 at 11:22

    Moggsy, tell me honestly, as a woman – do you laugh hysterically when indulging in Greek salad?

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