If this copyright madness continues, all shall perish

You probably saw it at Torrent Freak, about the band All Shall Perish [guess which genre?] who signed to the German label Nuclear Blast. So you’d expect there’d be management issues, people being ripped off, that sort of thing.

Worse. Some Panamanian outfit, World Digital Rights, is suing the band’s fans:

World Digital Rights demands that each defendant is held “jointly and severally liable for the direct infringement of each other defendant” and held liable for statutory damages of $150,000.

From Panama.

The band’s fans are not all that happy and neither is the band who knew nothing about it. Nuclear Blast sold the digital rights to this fly-by-night outfit and as one commenter pointed out, they have the legal right to sue fans to their heart’s content until the band is just a dirty three words to any potential fans.

The band does not like that. Neither do the fans. The band should have a manager and his job was to check the fine print. However much a band wants to get its foot on the rung, who would do it at this cost? Many would like to see the banana company run out of town or even off the earth.

The hardheads say “business is business”, music is just business and the purpose of business is to squeeze the max out, however it can, no holds barred, f*** the creative people in this thing.

[H/T Chuckles]

2 comments for “If this copyright madness continues, all shall perish

  1. Moggsy
    May 1, 2012 at 07:32

    Could the band change it’s name and re record it’s “hits” with changes to get round the issue? It could make them available from a website for download. I would bet they could find some fans to set that up for free. Maybe remaster also. Ask for paypal donations maybe? Could be a big thing.

  2. May 1, 2012 at 12:54

    Not a bad suggestion – definitely one way around it.

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