Three minutes ago: no wonder so many supporters of this team have no hair left:

Blue and whites staring down the barrel of two straight defeats.  Nastiest possible opposition to try to win over.  They fell in by two points:

In what was another titanic, physically brutal clash between these now fierce rivals, the Cats timed their run to perfection, hitting the front in time-on in the last quarter after looking likely to lose for much of the second half.

Phew!  My old heart can’t take too much of this stuff:

The Hawks, so brilliant … threw everything at the Cats in the closing minutes, but the premier’s water-tight defence held firm and the players rejoiced as they avoided a 0-2 start to the season.

Massive game – might be season defining.  One thing my li’l old team always seem to do is serve up “classics”.  For supporters, read “nailbiters”.

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