Stop adding E numbers to my food

The word “greenie” is a dirty one these days and the last people I’d wish to be identified with are those like the socialist Caroline Lucas or unpleasant people in the animal rights atrocities-on-us movement.

I don’t know, why does it attract the Marxists and globalists like fireflies?  Why does the riff-raff get involved and turn normal people off?  How do Strong and Gore get to hijack the save the earth idea?

A few days ago was a post on red meat, supporting it of course because humans are omnivores after all.  Dearieme gave the lowdown on that one.  Unfortunately, we then have this DM article on pink slime and it puts a good case the other way.  I mean, it’s simply vile, just like this Quorn and all the other processed, newly constructed, chemically treated “food” appearing in the supermarkets.

Does concern over that instantly label me a green loony?  I don’t want my food tampered with.  If I can’t have it in season without E numbers, then I shan’t have it.  One commenter put the real issue, not so much the ammonia:

So aside from the one listed in the article there is…ammonium acetate E264, ammonium lactate E328,ammonium phosphates E342, ammonium malate E349,ammonium adipate E539, ammonium fumurate, ammonium citrate E380, ammonium ferric citrate E381, I could go on and on but you get the gist, you may have heard of sunset yellow E110, can aggravate skin conditions, hyperactivity in children etc. These are E numbers, there are alot more dangerous ones than the one in the article.

Personally i prefer not to touch processed foods and make efforts to make everything from scratch. I read labels if i have to buy processed, which is very rare. There is loads of information about E numbers online and in the 80’s there were publications released on them, they are not a new thing, the article is making it out to be a new thing and as if it is some secret that has been discovered. It is well known by experts that this has been going on for years, some are new, some have been banned in other countries. [Julia, Staffordshire]

She writes, in there:

Personally i prefer not to touch processed foods and make efforts to make everything from scratch.

Yes, me too, Julia but what can we do when the choices are limited?  There are no food stores in my local area – only three of the big chains.  These chains are hand-in-hand with these types of practices, from the use of animals as feed, to GM and hybrid seeds.  There is one corner shop but he’s supplied from the same sources.

There is no choice.  They’ve played games with my food and I don’t want it.  I want proper meat at the same price as the cheap pseudo meat.  Why can’t I have that?   Where is the local farmer down the road to whom I can cycle and buy my dairy products and eggs for the day, even my meat?   He’s been forced out, hasn’t he?

It’s not as if no one’s protesting. From TV items like Which? to posts and articles all over the place, people don’t like this and yet the chains insist on doing it.

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