Google/Blogger/WordPress’s kindergarten coders

The other day, I quoted a guy on the awfulness of the new Gmail. Twilight came in, quite rightly, with the awfulness of Blogger:

Blogger (linked to Google) is also parading a new interface and causing many bloggers to threaten emigration to WordPress.

I understand that Google is trying to create a uniform “look” to all their their enterprises. Fortunately we can still toggle between old Blogger interface and new, but that is going to cease at some point in coming months.

Same kind of objections have arisen for the new Blogger look as those mentioned in the post about G-mail. Too much white space, font not bold enough, stuff moved around for no reason but to create “change”. Re-inventing the wheel by making it square.

Quite right but it’s even worse than that, so I discovered.

WordPress itself has “done a Blogger” and wrecked what was once good. Its Menus don’t work with many themes, its new image resizing doesn’t work, comments don’t work with older versions of Firefox and there’s a problem with spam reported from many quarters. Google will not interface with old Firefox – it simply doesn’t allow comments using its new mechanism. Go over to Safari – piece of cake.

Regulars at my place will remember the horrific time I was having with comments and spam a year ago – regulars were being spammed for no reason, all sorts were going on. Now it isn’t happening. I’m still with WordPress and still with exactly the same theme.

So why is it working now and didn’t before?

Simple – I downgraded to an old version of WordPress. End of problem. Whenever I do images for OoL, for example for Mark Wadsworth, it can’t be done at OoL. I do the images at N.O., resize there, take the html and go over to OoL.

The newer versions of WordPress are c**p but even that’s not the end of the story.

My novel[s] are on Blogger. Formerly, if I wanted to edit, it was simple – change it in Word, Control+A, Control+C … take the html over to Post Edit [html mode] in Blogger, Control+A, Control+V, Publish.

All done. As many times as I liked … and I liked many times.

Now they’ve applied the new abomination and here’s how it goes. First part in Word’s OK … take the html over to Post Edit [html mode] in Blogger, Control+A, Control+V, lose all formatting – all of it!!!!   One massive slab of text, no paragraphs, no italics, no blockquotes – nothing!

OK, the only way around it is to go to Compose, which formats for text but not for other html, such as for pics and links, take the html for every pic and link, one by one and put in Html mode in Edit Post. Switch to Compose mode. Take the text body only from Word and put it in to Edit Post in Compose mode. Now highlight the text only in Edit Post but not the pic or link html and go to T in the menu. Select Normal, as it is preset to Small [meaning tiny]. Go back to Html mode to tidy up, Publish.

Oh and you’ll have to reformat every pic now which was there before. Each and every time you wish to edit – it’s a total nightmare. And don’t even think of manually resizing pics. The only way you can do that is to go into automatic and specify new Large and Medium. You can get it to manual but you can’t see it change before your eyes – you have to guess, Publish, look, reopen Edit and do a little more, Publish … and so on.

This has to be the worst “upgrade” I have ever seen from any company – the coding is kindergarten, there are so many issues which haven’t been considered – simple things people with any sort of formatting ability above an amoeba will need – plus it looks awful. They have no aesthetic sense and no coding ability.

They need to be summarily sacked.

8 comments for “Google/Blogger/WordPress’s kindergarten coders

  1. May 19, 2012 at 20:26

    I’m on Blogger , but I use Windows Live Writer , to compose, edit and publish posts it’s WYSIWYG (resize photo etc) and stay away from the Blogger interface as much as possible.

    The only drawback is you can’t schedule posts , if you upload as a ‘Draft’ to Blogger and then go in to schedule it, it fucks up all your formatting, removing line breaks etc.

  2. May 19, 2012 at 23:38

    The upgrade on was a downgrade as far as I am concerned.

    For example WordPress won’t let me choose how many posts to have on each page. So my photoblog (for my 100 photos) which was supposed to have one photo per page has infinite photos per page and I cannot change it…

  3. May 20, 2012 at 03:55

    About 6 months after I began using Blogger in 2005 they “upgraded” it, and for about another 6 months most of the features I’d liked about it in the first place didn’t work. There was a massive exodus to WordPress. I started a WordPress blog myself, in case the changes were permanent, but when the broken features became functional again I continued using both.

    The new Blogger still won;t let you caption pictures (as WordPress does), but it has introduced new disabilities — it won’t let you resize them or place them on the page any more.

    As for G-mail, there’s a popup that you can’t read and can’t remove, because half of it is hidden behind the Firefox toolbars. I assumed that this is an attempt to get peopel to use Chrome or something.

  4. May 20, 2012 at 04:03

    PS How do you get back to the old dashboard?

  5. May 20, 2012 at 06:24

    Steve – it appears we can’t. Why oh why can’t they leave well alone and just patch up old issues to make the thing run smoothly?

  6. May 20, 2012 at 15:03

    Steve ~~ You mean on Blogger? It’s possible still to use the old interface – I’m doing so. They threaten to take the option away “in coming months” . In April they said “in the coming month” – didn’t happen . I think many complaints have caused them to consider some adjustments.

    To get back to the old interface: there’s a little cog wheel icon at the top of the dashboard page in the new version – click it and a menu of options appears, one of which iis to transfer back to Old Blogger.

  7. May 20, 2012 at 15:12

    Earlier comment seemed to disappear – here goes again…

    To change back to Blogger’s old interface look for the little cog wheel icon at top right-hand corner of dashboard page in new interface – clicking on it brings a menu of options, one of which is to return to old Blogger interface. It works – I’m still using the old version…..until they remove the option “in coming months” is the word currently.

  8. May 20, 2012 at 16:57

    Twilight — thank you! The old version is such a HUGE improvement on the new one!

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