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Lighten up a bit, someone said two days ago. Lighten up?

Y-e-e-e-s-s-s …


This from a Telegraph commenter [by the way, they are currently logging me in then when I try to comment, they ask me to log-in, even though it says above I’m logged in] sums it up:

Boris won because he is a conservative and happy to talk conservative policies.  Dave lost because he is a social democrat who, with a few exceptions, has followed social democratic policies no different from the real socialists,  when people who voted Tory thought they would get conservative policies.

UKIP is the only conservative party around at the moment and like Boris did very well in the seats it contested.

The Tories really should be worried but so should Labour and the Liberals.With a low turnout and clear dissatisfaction with all the mainstream parties which give no choice but a failed social democratic consensus the electorate has said we are sick of the lot of you because you do not have a solution to our problems.

They come up with the same old  failed socialist mantra of  big state, high tax, high spend, pro eu and  the electorate now know it has failed.

Dave,  the electorate were pleading for the standard scenario where  a conservative government sorts out the mess when  Labour has almost bankrupted this country which it does almost every time it has a long stint in government.

Instead you got smart and created a weird hybrid of slightly blue social democrats.

That is why you lost the election and lost on Thursday and it is why UKIP got so many of your votes and Boris, a clear conservative, won.

Yep, that’s pretty right.  But UKIP were equally moronic calling themselves fresh fields of London or whatever it was, followed by Nigel acknowledging it was a mistake – no idea of campaign strategy, UKIP.  Why didn’t Nigel climb into a plane again?  Nice people but …



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Greed & corruption

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A female performance artist named Spartacus who lives in a nudist colony… it must be Turner Prize time


There comes a time in the affairs of all Brits when the face has been in the palm so many times, when the head has been shaken virtually off its neck, when deep demoralization and despair have been upon us for so long that we’re almost numb … some turn to drink and faux bonhomie, some rant into the night.

And the most galling thing is that the left is blissfully unaware, as happy as Larry. UK’s running fine, they say.

Did you actually endure that speech of the Newt as he departed politics for good? Did people actually believe anything he said? Hell, I’d almost believe iDave before him.

And is there graciousness and nobility in politics? Did you hear the graceless speech of that bovine specimen with the green rosette – she couldn’t even be bothered brushing her hair – then she went back and stood beside Boris, speaking sweetly to him, secure in her knowledge that that was the way you behaved in public?

And turning back to Labour – in the name of all that is sane, why would anyone turn back to Labour? On what possible grounds? After what they did to us from 1997 to 2010, continued by their quisling mate iDave, what on earth would possess sane people to give Millipede the slightest encouragement?

At least that Siobhan child was for an EU referendum. Maybe she can become a Boris babe.

Lighten up, eh?  Yeah, right. Where are my pills? Where did I mislay them now?