Benidorm of the Cosmos

You all saw the thing about the Whitehall official who was paid to liaise over aliens, surmising that aliens came here for “tourism”. I thought this an amusing riposte at the Telegraph:

My money is not on aliens visiting for tourism, but on pure entertainment.

Imagine you could tune in to the farcical soap opera that is UK & European politics. Remember you aren’t affected by the crass and asinine speeches and decisions, but have the luxury of kicking back in your flying saucer to watch the comic tradgedy unfurl over the years.

Episodes include:

#  “Cameron Talking Tough” – no, no too funny.

#  “Clegg complaining he doesn’t have enough time to cry as DPM’ – best avoided.

#  “How the Sapiens are shafted by wind turbines” – a must see.

#  “Huhne on the art of speeding & deception” – Predictable…

#  “Cable on business” – Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, no,no please stop…

#  “Cameron lies again” – He gets them every time.

#  “Tales from the EU Commission: How to subjugate 500 Million people without law or military action.” – An epic farce multiplied by tragedy.

And coming soon:

#  “Defence of your Realm without Armed Forces: Dealing with Terrorism and Asymmetric warfare with Progressive Liberal feelings and Tofu salads.”

Providing this level of entertainment, possibly for the universe, we must be a protected species. Episodes being introduced by an alien David Attenborough, crying with laughter…

Makes me feel kind of … proud … to be home.   Have to get Sky installed tout suite.

1 comment for “Benidorm of the Cosmos

  1. dearieme
    July 12, 2012 at 12:48

    What balls is this? I thought Blair claims to believe in our best-attested alien visitor. You know the fellow – they nailed him to a cross.

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