Birds of a feather …

This is True, on the week’s goings on across the pond:

Bill DeWeese, a Democrat and the 135th Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and John Perzel, a Republican and the 136th Speaker, know each other well.

They’ll get a chance to extend that relationship now that both of them have been sentenced to time at the Camp Hill prison for corruption in separate cases. Both men are serving at least 30 months.

When Perzel, the first one in, heard DeWeese was sentenced to the same prison, he said he liked that he got to share a cell with DeWeese.

“John,” DeWeese replied, “I don’t think we pick who we room with here.”

But sure enough, DeWeese was given a choice: he could bunk with Perzel, or with Michael Manzo — his own Chief of Staff whose testimony helped convict him.

DeWeese chose Perzel as his cell mate. … It is somewhat surprising that there aren’t several prisons dedicated solely to ex-politicians. There should be. (RC/Portland Oregonian)

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