Don’t you just love Friday?

Had a few pieces of good news today plus the weather is fabulous.  First up, the inimitable and irredeemable Bill Quango:

Now anyone can come last by simply not turning up or putting silly answers but I really do try to play the game – don’t understand an effing thing about what I’m meant to be doing or what the girls and boys are going on about – but I do try.  So to come last I really do feel is quite a special achievement.  And look at the august company I’m in!

Then there was a certain thing with a certain young lady today which I wasn’t expecting but it was nice.

Plus I was drenched to the skin on the cycle ride into town [a few km each way] but who cares when the weekend food was in the backpack?  And it’s good food too – four chicken breasts for £3 and heavily discounted mince – soup here we come.

Plus one of my catamaran designs has come through with a Sigma 4.5 and I’m currently checking it through for anything I’ve missed.  Well actually, I’m currently writing to you.

Looking at the moment for a nice header of rain on a field or river or whatever – feel it needs a wet header this weekend.  Golden cheese toasties have just come out of the oven on my pizza dish and they’re just the crispness required.  Washing machine just finished, need to vacuum.

Let’s just fast-forward to autumn and be done.  Don’t you just love this weather?

Let’s get drunk.

1 comment for “Don’t you just love Friday?

  1. JD
    July 7, 2012 at 10:43

    deeply disturbing, this is…..
    you like being rained upon????
    that is perverse, almost as perverse as your europhiliac kilometering!!!

    seek help!

    you redeem yourself slightly with Let’s get drunk.

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