Knox and Sollecito FAQs

This is the image which the Kercher family itself prefers to be used of Meredith – Stephanie Kercher some time ago sent messages to various blogs to that effect.

Researching and collating for long posts takes a hell of a time and when the post shows what happened, based on court and investigation records and no other speculation, then it’s reasonable to use the word “established”.

Not in a cheap way such as “this is our alternative scenario which has now been “established”.

So when a point is taken as read by most unbiased people, e.g. the break-in was almost certainly staged, it takes some time to get to that point.   For Knox trolls to then just waltz in and say “not established at all”, with nothing to back up that statement, is annoying.

Therefore, it seems that a series of pages [not posts], an archive of what actually has been established, is indicated.   They need to be pages so that they can be viewed as and when, whereas blogposts are:

1. lost in time quickly on a blog like this;
2. not of interest to all.

Thus the process begins HERE. It explains itself.