Knox’s screenplay – was that wise of her?

If I had been provisionally released, pending higher appeal, on a capital crime involving blood and murder, there are two things I’d never be doing:

One – allowing footage of myself dancing wildly in Capanne Prison and whooping it up to go viral on the internet before the clip’s finally shut down by my camp, which sort of undercuts my protestations of being deeply troubled whilst in prison and unfairly convicted.

Two – allowing a music group H.O.T. to use my blood-and-guts screenplay I penned as the basis for a new film clip, particularly when the group declares:

#  Check out our new video featuring Amanda Knox’s screenplay.
#  We haven’t written or decided anything but music.
#  She wrote two scripts/stories and many other ideas adopted by the director.

Nor would I have as one main character a butcher similar to Sollecito’s playacting in his Facebook fantasy, with blood spattered over his apron, nor give a maggot filled poison apple to the character who began the clip in prison, colouring pictures, just as Knox herself had been colouring, nor wearing the coloured prison uniform, just as Knox herself had been wearing.

Nor is it a great idea to have a dark-haired female as a monster/vampire [Meredith went to a Hallowe’en party dressed as a vampire on her last night alive].

I also wouldn’t have references dotted throughout it to another music vid, Some Say, which happens to feature, surprise, surprise, Meredith Kercher.

Knox camp people and apologists will, of course, spring to her defence and say it STILL doesn’t make her a murderess in itself, despite everything else which has come out which still doesn’t make her a murderess in itself, taken in isolation.

No, the dead Meredith Kercher is the only one who can make her that or the 19 justices who concurred on the totality of over 140 pieces of separate evidence which convicted her.

This is the most frustrating thing. Every new item which comes up adds to the sum total of evidence about her and more importantly, does not lead us away from the original conclusion. There have been no new revelations vindicating her but there’ve been many tying her further.

From the DNA which did tie her to the scene [remembering that she did not get off on no DNA at all but that the defence alleged and that was all, that it was a. too old and b. too little after four years of deterioration and on no other evidence – they never established the contamination they were throwing about], to her changed stories to her anomalies which even today haven’t been reconciled – this latest simply adds to motive.

Over 140 separate pieces of evidence tying her and yet no one piece finally nailing her plus two other things – a. there was more than one involved – the Supreme Court concluded that and b. what was the alternative scenario?   Who else helped Guede?   When she and the boyfriend were the only ones in the area, at the house and no other people were around nor had any particular interest in Meredith Kercher, there she is with her utter inability to account for herself, with motive, mindset and means.

Her defence team, despite being repeatedly asked to, could construct no alternative scenario, which is a key defence ploy as a rule.  They kept insisting that Guede had been alone when the Supreme Court had already accepted that there was more than one.  Not the prosecution saying it but that the Supreme Court had concluded it in its summation.

There is no alibi which definitively frees her and in fact, her exploded alibis actually tie her, e.g. the conflict between Sollecito’s and her accounts of that night.   That has never been resolved and even today he sticks to that story.

She’s not currently free on an alibi – her multiple alibis never came to appeal as the defence wisely realized what they were worth and what the prosecution could drive through them.

It was on two dodgy questions over a. old and b too small DNA, four years later that she was flabbergastingly released by Berlusconi’s man.  Hence the current appeal to the Supreme Court which has been accepted by them for consideration and is due about five months from now.

Meanwhile, the Kercher family suffers whilst Knox herself whoops it up and writes screenplays where people get slashed and given maggot infested apples of poison. That didn’t come out of my mind – it came out of Knox’s.

So forgive me if I don’t loudly proclaim the convicted killer’s innocence.

So no, under those circumstances, the last thing I’d be doing is writing screenplays on my diseased mind if I were Knox.

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