Max on Friday

Just in case you don’t understand German, there are subtitles:

Just in case you don’t understand English, there are subtitles:

And as everyone knows, it’s Cecelia Crisafulli that the eyes are on, so here she gets a solo segment amongst the rest of the humour:

One commenter commented, and I agree:

Cecelia is absolutely magic on the violin for her segment. It is as if she is leading the whole orchestra by the skill and speed of of her delicate left hand on the violin strings.  The music is wonderfully lively , and the musicians particularly gifted: especially the beautiful Cecelia.

Rod Stewart did this with J’Anna Jacoby [4:16], Max does this with Cecelia. They both know the heart of a man.

1 comment for “Max on Friday

  1. Wolfie
    July 7, 2012 at 00:24

    I’m not fooled, she’s ok but the ensemble is fun.

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