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  1. dearieme
    July 8, 2012 at 11:23

    The commonest saxophones in jazz are the alto and tenor. We’ve just had lots of stuff from Bechet, the only Master of the soprano sax. Between the alto and tenor in size is the C Melody saxophone, which also had only one Master – “Tram” i.e. Frankie Trumbauer. Here he is in 1923, playing a solo which lots of alto and tenor players later memorised and played themselves.

    By 1924 he’s playing with The Mound City Blue Blowers, including Eddie Lang: first San

    and on the flip side his own composition Red Hot.

    In December ’24 he also played for The Cotton Pickers, with Miff Mole on trombone and (according to the sleeve notes on one of my CDs) Roy Johnson trumpet.

    He recorded again with the same mob couple of moths later

    and a couple more months further on

    But Tram’s career was about to change: in late ’24 he’d met Bix.

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