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What the smug feminist is looking like this year

There’s always a danger, upon turning a virulent solo blog multi-authored, that the original author, in becoming an administrator, must now be mindful of people’s  feelings instead of just speaking the truth and if he’s, say, a tad outpoken as a rule about certain demographics, he now has to pussyfoot around with his words, losing, IMHO, his “artistic” integrity in so doing.

It’s effing frustrating at times.

Wiggia is a naughty boy because, though I’ve avoided the Mensch until now, he’s sent me a piece on her by Tom Winnifrith which has me growling and right on the point of launching into print, taking the silly cow apart.  Sorry, sorry, shouldn’t have said that – sorry.

I’ll calm down.  Sip the coffee.

OK, Louise effing Mensch is the embodiment of all that is wrong with womanhood.

Sorry, I’ll start again.  Tom writes, in his post on her:

I have been wanting to write about Louise Mensch MP ever since I pointed out what a daft bint she was (here) a couple of weeks ago. I am delighted that she has presented me with an opportunity so soon. My desire to have another crack is partly driven by just how silly a person this MP is and partly because I was accused of misogyny in having a pop at her and Chloe Smith MP last time around.

Grrrr – don’t even mention the Chloe – young, hopeless, silly cow, completely tied up in her misandry, no life experience, ideologue …… OK, best let Tom continue:

These women both said stupid things. They are MPs. Should they be let off the hook because they are women? Regularly on this blog I stick the boot into MPs with no/minimal real life experience and who also spout piffle and/or waste taxpayers cash on themselves and others.

No Tom, they should NOT be let off the hook, just because they have mammary glands, though Mensch thinks she’s immune for that reason.  They should be kicked in the upper lip with a steel-tipped toe-cap [try saying that after a night on the tiles].  Continue, Tom:

There is however one issue about the newer Tory female MPs. Call Me Dave was so desperate to show that his party had changed and was cuddly rather than nasty that he made great play on selecting women for winnable seats. As with any policy of affirmative action, the effect is likely to be that in order to make up quotas you get some fairly hopeless candidates getting through.

In terms of Mensch, the fact that in a profession, once described as show business for ugly people, she might be viewed as being reasonably fit, has done her no harm. She has benefitted from being a vaguely attractive woman.

Except when she puts on that stupid smile [top left].  Please, please, go on:

That should not stop her being lambasted when she spouts piffle. Au contraire … If Mensch et al do not like being attacked they should quit and do something else. Though they often forget it, MPs are our servants not our masters and as such we have every right to hold them to account.

Mensch’s latest “episode” came on Question Time last week when she argued that drugs should not be legalised because she had, in her youth, taken Class A drugs and it had messed with her brain.

Ah well … now that puts a different complexion on it.  Here was I thinking she was just a silly cow, full stop, period, when in fact she’s just brain dead.  My error.  Fair enough, don’t kick the vulnerable while they’re down.  Put her out to pasture and ’nuff said.  I take back all the apoplectic things I said about her and let’s hear no more about it.

Now it appears Tom and I are not the only apoplectic ones about the Mensch.    One commenter wrote:

Mensch is undoubtedly a class A hypocrite. If you read any of her novels they’re full of explicit, borderline kinky sex scenes …

Well actually, perhaps I’d best not get too far into that and fall into hypocrisy.

… mainly with the woman subjugated in some way.

Ah, well, the women in my stories hold their own, classy femmes and heroines that they are.  They’re always more capable than the main protagonist, a bit like PG Wodehouse’s were, only nicer and more lovable.  People say my works are fiction but I think they’re real life.  Mensch continued:

They’re full of poundshop feminism and FIGHTING MALE DOMINANCE, and yet the woman is so hopelessly USELESS – unempathetic, misleading etc. I feel this is just the latest in a long line of things she says with no thought for truth, consequence nor moral worth – she will just say whatever she wants in her desperation to have the Tories approve of her.

Now that’s out of order.  As everyone knows and Cherie and Moggsy point out – women, as a rule, are intelligent, always reason from research and facts, never think they’re always right, are not self-entitled, don’t want it all, have no sense of grievance, never get emotional and never go on witchhunts over who said nasty things about them.

Thanks for the photo, Boiling Frog

The Mensch, on the other hand, does all those things and therefore is to be smothered at birth and laid to rest in the retirement garden for MPs who are surplus to requirements – they’re opening a new field for their graves next week.

Apart from that, she’s OK to look at and I’d not say no if she weren’t married.


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