Monday morning and the emasculated male [1]

It’s not for want of material – currently inundated with the stuff and working out where to slot it in. It’s just that I had nightmares last night or to be precise, early morning, around 3:00 a.m.

Big deal, so do you – but mine aren’t fantasies, they’re actually my dark past suddenly reappearing, not unlike with Macbeth and the bogeyman is an earlier version of me.   Dare you to inhabit my mind for more than a day [or a night].

Easy to write about now that I’ve done the rounds [4:30 a.m.], checked OoL, changed retro posters on my site, changed Mark W’s piccy  etc. and made a coffee. We find refuge in busyness, do we not? My mother certainly did.

We were discussing mothers yesterday and my mate was saying he’s getting sick of his but of course, he loves her like any son and would defend her to the death. It’s just impossible with mothers though. I asked him if she still worries about his underpants being clean.

Struck gold. “Yes! And I assure her I change them every day because I’m uncomfortable in re-used underpants. So will you please lay off about the underpants, mum?!”

She can’t – she’s a mother and you’re her little boy – always will be, even this side of 50. And would we want it any other way? Mothers are like women – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Not that he lives there but even a meal suffices to bring out the mother in a mother. LOL – I was grinning. We must frustrate them so.

I don’t know if you know but I have a minder and I do her bidding.   Her name is Rossa.  She pulled down the curtain on my feminazi posts in a way Suzie dearest could never do.   She said, “I think the point’s been made about the feminazis now, don’t you?   Most people have got the message – why don’t you do something about that MP who was getting thumped by the whip and the female MP stepped in and got it from the bully?”

“You mean Penny Mordaunt, the girl who thinks she can mix it with whips and then goes off crying, showing there are places women just should not be, such as being a parking warden?”

She didn’t bite.  “Yes, that’s the one.  What was that male doing anyway, being beaten up by Cameron’s whip?  And those MPs being ordered out of the bar?   I’d prefer a real man as my MP.”

And she’s right, is Rossa.   Yes, why are such men wimps these days?   I mean, stick me with skewers but if a whip tried that sort of thing on with me, he’d be on the floor quicker than he could say Eric Joyce or the Ukrainian parliament.  Not that I’d ever get to be an MP – I don’t crawl up people’s backsides enough.

We were discussing that guy yesterday – the wimp and the bully and I know how it would go.  I’d have tripped him [he was drunk] and once he hit the deck, sunk the knee to his throat.  Hadn’t thought out the rest of it.   My mate differed.    “That leaves a mark – better the whip’s head accidentally crashes into a bar stool on the way down.”


The bottom line is – I don’t know one male who would not do something similar if a whip tried that on.  So what is it with the new emasculated male?

Rossa feels that it’s the way boys are being brought up now and the unrelenting attack on their masculinity.    Let me refer back, yet again, to one of my favourite ladies, Minette Marrin:

I will never forget the moment my nine-year-old daughter told my four-year-old son that men do all the bad and cruel things in the world and are wicked. But not girls. The poor little fellow looked at her in shame and horror. Since then he has been growing up in a climate of increasing misandry, the opposite of misogyny.

We hear endless complaints about misogyny, but actually misandry rules. Or if not exactly misandry, a profound misunderstanding of masculinity: Boys and men are increasingly blamed and belittled. Girls meanwhile have been doing better and better at school and university, making the most of positive discrimination; whereas boys have begun to underperform in most things, except in breaking the law.

Amen, Minette.  What we have here is the feminazis bringing out the worst traits in women and those worst traits are the attempt to emasculate men and Suzie – that didn’t come from my mind, it came from Minette Marrin and other women.    But it’s true.    There’s currently a State-backed demi-woman [in RL] who thinks I’m part of her Nurse Ratched group and is surprised I’m currently cooperating.   I’ll observe and see how she progresses before giving her the lowdown on how things really stand.  Apparently she’s had a few home truths told to her in recent weeks.

The State seems to have turned these parodies of women into Frankenstein’s monsters and I can’t believe what I’m seeing.  They seem to have gathered together a convention of the most put upon men on earth and these guys are being ordered about.   She tried similar on me and got a spray so she keeps her distance now.

I mean,  I want to grab these guys, like a Tory whip and ask: “What the hell are you doing? Stand up, would you!”  Yet I think the whole idea was to gather the compliant who don’t seem to have a life – I don’t know.  Bad scene.

And there’s all this thing at the moment about women enlarging their boobs [why?] and men enlarging their tadgers [why?].  What is wrong with what G-d gave you, for crying out loud?  Mine has done the job until now and that’s what it is, no more, no less.   Stands up perfectly well without viagra, thank you, unless it’s a Harmanite, in which case it droops alarmingly.

Why on earth would you want surgery on your boobs, ladies?  Your boobs are fine – leave the b**gers alone.  It’s this matriarchal thing coming through , isn’t it, some angst and fear something doesn’t measure up and am I looking OK or is it a bad hair day or is it elfansafetee approved or please tell me what to do because I’ve lost the power of rational decision making myself and so on and so on and so on.

Hey, enough already.  What you are is what you are so just get on with it, for crying out loud and Sarkozy – get down off those platform soles.

And so I said to Rossa that it’s not a question of how big a guy’s tadger is but whether he has any balls below that.  She agreed and that’s the thing she regrets – that so many men seem to lack balls these days.  Have to agree.  Now mine physically tend to be a bit on the largish side but I think that’s just coincidence – the thing is, most men I know, as mentioned above, have cojones but we’re reading about those snivelling wimps in the MSM ………

Ah, yes.  The MSM.  The deep-captcha MSM.  Difficult to sort out the guff from the real news – back to RT and the sphere again.  Of course they’ll play up anything to emasculate men and play down men being men.    And women are meant to be what you see in Femail.  Uzhas, to employ a Russian word [nightmare].

Rossa, in case it’s escaped your attention, is all woman in the traditional sense, thank the Lord, so both of us have a great deal of trouble coming to terms with the new – what is it – not metrosexual – wimposexual?

She mentioned that it’s his lack of confidence socially rather than, say, his courage in facing a charging lion which is the issue.    Yes it is.

Wake up, men and show you have some balls down there.  Certain mutant women [I call them Harmanites] have allied with the government to beat men down – OK, fine, that’s politics.  But why are you meekly accepting it?  For that matter, why are any of us accepting anything the effing govt is doing anyway?

Here endeth the rant.  It’s now 5:17 a.m. and I need brekky.  This will appear at 11:00 a.m. and may the Lord have mercy on your souls if you’vekept reading this far.  Have a lovely Monday.  Quick check of the weather – 13 degrees and cloudy.  Should suffice.  Oh no, here comes the rain.


This one’s not really mine but is put in to balance the pic at the top.

7 comments for “Monday morning and the emasculated male [1]

  1. Rossa
    July 16, 2012 at 12:37

    LOL….your minder eh? Is my name Terry McCann? 😉


  2. Robert the Biker
    July 16, 2012 at 13:29

    Yes indeedy
    At work I’m 59
    To my girlfriend I’m 59
    To my Mum I’m 12

  3. July 16, 2012 at 15:27

    Rossa – Chief Whip?

    Robert – now are you wearing clean undies and socks today?

  4. Robert the Biker
    July 16, 2012 at 15:31

    Yes Mum : )

  5. Moggsy
    July 17, 2012 at 14:32

    I had real difficulty making sense of this, and other posts recently. Not especially passing comment ^_^ There seems to be this mixing up of text and bits (not sure how much) missing with maybe just the tip of a line of text like dots or something. Not sure if it is my browser or the site. Not sure if this post will appear either.

    Oh, and are you holding the female MP up as some sort of crazy feminazi stormtrooper, someone who can’t take the heat in the testosterone soaked Houses of Parliament metaphorical (love it) kitchen, or a wannabe Jean d’Arc?

    Inconvinient truth = the bully was a _male_ MP..

    Her problem was she never took self defense and relied on the rules and his decency.. mistake with most any politician I guess..

    His problem? He might make the mistake of trying it on with someone of either sex who does not and has… or who has a brick in their handbag.

  6. July 17, 2012 at 16:52

    Moggsy – he was the bully, that is true and he needs someone to stonewall him. Maybe Harman could. It would be interesting to see how he tried to intimidate Harman. The only redeeming feature in her.

  7. Moggsy
    July 18, 2012 at 09:40

    They do say that there is _some_ good in everybody…

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