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There’s a standard item of netiquette that one should never, ever divulge other people’s email conversations, either in full or part and it’s low when someone does that, let alone making the other person wary of writing again. With Chuckles and haiku, if it’s not for publication, they write that at the top.

Different matter when A writes to B, not knowing some of it might be posted.  Think it requires a statement from B such as “if you don’t mind, I’d like to quote that”.  Then there must be enough time for the other to reply.  The co-authors work on that basis.  Cherie, as a blogger, knows that I’m liable to launch into print on a public interest matter, e.g. on politics but not on anything private between us.  I think she trusts that I know the difference and nourish obscurity.

What about an entire email though, unexpurgated?  Obviously, if it’s my side only and then, if it makes reference to her, that the matter referred to and her views are already in the public sphere on her blog and mine, it might be OK.  I replied this morning to an email and thought, at the end of it, that it probably should be posted because it was almost a manifesto of where I am in politics at the moment.  So I asked and shall await.


So here is that email, in full:



I’ll reassess my thoughts on V&V in the light of what you said.  🙂  I’d forgotten history and even my mother’s generation which had ladies guilds with no political overtones at all.  In fact, in that very forgetting is my argument against feminism – that something perfectly innocuous is now tainted.  And of course, they’re down on men’s clubs too.

Yes, it’s interesting, politically because when one throws off the labels, as you once said, the result is something in the centre.  When I refer to left, it’s the do-gooder-at-all-costs attitude which so many have, which is not quite as compassionate as it makes out, is happy to ride roughshod over others to fulfil its vision and refuses to argue fact that gets to me.  As an academic, it’s that last bit in particular which galls.  That and the false constructs.

Against that, there is the virulent free-trader at all costs, unable to see consequences of any all-or-nothing system that is a problem but as the France post shows today, that has its antecedents too, e.g.  Adam Smith.  Always innocuous sounding, championing the good cause but when one traces its roots, it’s interesting to say the least.  And I have a lot of trouble with Ayn Rand thinking which has no compassion for the worker – if that’s right wing, count me out.

I’m sure you’d agree that the best political position is one of compassion for the the people but I’d add “anything which protects their basic freedoms, as distinct from their licence”.  And I want the children protected – that is not a libertarian matter, it’s a parental matter.

I do have a problem also with this sort of woman who goes in without expertise or understanding and is parachuted beyond ability because it skews society.  Obviously men too but it is so heavily slanted today that it’s become a parody, like those women themselves, where the worst fears and prejudices, the chips on the shoulder come to the fore and femininity, in its true form, takes a back seat.  Harman and Mensch spring to mind.  The type turns into something quite nasty, as we saw yesterday.

Yes, I could equally point to the CEO male who is used to trampling on people and is an utter pig.  One sees them all the time.  I saw quite a few of these in Russia and they weren’t human [almost].  It’s as if they’d gone adrift of their moorings.

I don’t know the solution.  High office or leading something seems to attract the type, when it is precisely NOT that type who should be in charge.  Or maybe they begin as nice people and then get so far into the dogma or the call of the job that they forget themselves … and their families and families are under severe assault today.

You know, I’ve just had a thought.  If you don’t mind, I’ll run this reply as a post.  It’s already known we correspond, it doesn’t divulge anything you wrote and it might be useful to readers, including Suzie, where I actually am on things.

Sun just came out, so that augurs well.  You have a nice one and get some much needed rest.  Make sure you get some photos too.  🙂


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