Outsourcing to India

NB: Serious question

South Africa has – by and large – escaped the scorched earths resulting from outsourcing-to-India.

Quite the opposite, in fact: Barclays Bank [in particular] appears to hold a very low opinion of South African developers, and as a result imports highly expensive staff from the UK. The South Africans, being paid peanuts by comparison, tend to emulate their hirsute brethren (pay peanuts, get monkeys), especially when it will cause the maximum embarrassment to their “betters”.

That said, it strikes me that IT outsourcing must be a pretty bad deal for the economy as a whole:

1. The retrenched are generally pretty well paid, so the drop in taxes paid must be significant;
2. Ditto the drop in the amount of money that the retrenched would have spent in the economy;
3. Ditto the amount of money that will now be paid in unemployment;
4. Ditto the amount of money (in hard cash) that will now be ‘exported’ to India;
5. Etc.

So does nobody question these decisions ?

Or is it just that “That’s the global economy for you” – followed by a shrug – is adequate in pacifying Downing Street ?

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  1. July 13, 2012 at 06:08

    The outsourcing to India is particularly noticeable here when trying to deal with BT or was – I believe they’ve changed the policy now.

    “Mumble, mumble, sir.” “Pardon?” “Mumble, mumble, you have to mumble, mumble and if mumble, mumble -” “Excuse me, is there anyone there who speaks English?” “Mumble [annoyed] mumble am speaking Eng mumble.” “Sorry, I don’t speak Punjab. Could you please put me onto someone who speaks English? You see, I’m in the UK, I’ve just phoned BT and was hoping to get someone au fait with the UK and who is in the UK. Nothing against your country and I’d love to visit you but I actually have a problem here which requires someone in the UK to deal with.”

    “Mumble, mumble, -ble, -ble, mumble, mumble!!!!!”

    “Sigh.” I hang up. Outsourcing – we can’t live without it.

  2. Dave
    July 13, 2012 at 07:22

    I worked in BT >>Business<>Home<< BB Help Desk I could never understand the Pakis.

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