Pubs [continued just a bit]

Whilst looking for details of the pubs involved in my last article, I came across this oddity, also now demolished.

This pub was in the middle of Latham’s timber yards on the River Lea, in its day one of the biggest in London.  In amongst acres of huge sheds was a clearing containing this pub, built for the workers of the timber yard and yards further along the river, there was a public right of way if you wanted to go there but no houses abutted it, it was solely for the workers of the yards.

I know markets such as Smithfield for instance have their own pubs with their own hours next to the market and I believe some have or have had their own bars in the past , but a pub on the premises of a single commercial enterprise ?

Are there or have there been any others like this?  I’m sure I’ll be inundated but it is or was a curiosity.

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