The artificial workplace must cease

There are three emotions coursing through the mind when contemplating this about the labour market in the U.S. – compassion for the poor sods, at the same time annoyance that they seem to be moaning about having work when so many are out of it and anger at Them who have brought a situation to pass where people are becoming more bestialized by the day.

The “temporarily-needed cattle” motif is the new motif in the workforce and it’s becoming increasingly brutal:

After signing in, I grab a chair from a stack in the corner and take a seat, studying a sign that implores me to be “true” and “passionate” and “creative.” In reality, passion and creativity have nothing to do with it. Labor Ready provides warm bodies for grunt work that pays minimum wage or thereabouts. “Here’s a sledgehammer, there’s the wall,” is how Stacey Burke, the company’s vice-president of communications, characterized the work to Businessweek back in 2006.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having an agency which supplies grunt work but I’d dare suggest that they can do it in a less dehumanizing way.

There was one in my town I availed myself of some years back and which operated differently – the man behind the counter was pleasant and down to earth.  We all did the Elfansafetee and filled in countless forms, our names went into the pool.  There’s a certain amount of “if you have no job, be grateful for what you get” which I’d agree with.  No one’s denying that, except dole-bludgers and the chronically indolent.

This though is something more – it’s a business built on the dehumanizing of people and in this, it will be the right wingers who might take issue with my remarks.   It’s increasingly occurring though and the bottom line is that these men feel – and are becoming – worthless, flotsam, sewage flowing through the underbelly of a dying society.

And where are the women?  Vying for management roles of course, favoured by quotas and State law.

This is wrong.  It must cease before one half of humanity rebels – it’s already being seen inside families through male violence.  I hasten to add that this is not my personal situation and therefore not sour grapes from me.  In RL, I’m currently breaking into a woman’s traditional field at management level and women are watching, with amusement, me trying to break through this glass ceiling in reverse.

That’s another tale and I’m enjoying it, not least because I’m surrounded by women the whole time.  I confess to being a bit addicted to women as people, rather than just as bodies, though the bodies are not all that bad either.

Yet I’m also seeing so many directionless men now and it’s a crying shame.  I don’t blame women per se because it is the PTB that have destroyed manufacturing and introduced non-jobs women can excel in, such as the service industry or the HR cancer, with a whole industry in ready made, out-of-college, shiny “management qualifications”.

Good luck to the girls but if they think that a huge underclass of unemployed males on temp-seeking as a career is a good thing in the society, then they know SFA about how a healthy society works.  I’m sure women only wanted to be part of a vibrant workforce where everyone was equal and happy and only good things happened.

This is not happening and was never the political intention.

The intention was that only women occupy management and men would be the drones to be brought in and disposed of at the flick of a switch.  And the truth is that, with the focus in education on girls, with boys dropping out, unwanted, that girls are eclipsing the boys academically now, not least in the way academia has skewed courses offered.  Therefore, in the sick workplace of today, there is no choice but to employ the girl.  The boy is becoming useless but that was not the case when education was run properly.  Boys shone three decades ago.

Insanity like this can be put alongside all the other insanity going on out there and which OoL so richly catalogues.   If I were a woman, I’d actually resent this because it adds ammunition to the contention that women are only in there due to quotas and political interference.  There is so much fuel for my posts on the matter that I’ve about 12 posts banked up ready to go and I’m only holding them back due to the dulling effect of the repeated message.

If I were a woman, I’d want to feel I’d earned my way up and hold my present position off my own bat, not to try to call me insane and twisted, which an idiot feminazi at my place tried to do the other day.   If I have my teeth into this issue, then maybe, just maybe, there might be some reason for doing so and that the insanity is out there in the workplace instead.

Global left political interference has greatly skewed society and in particular the workplace but it’s also spilled over into the family.  Surely that should also concern women, the traditional defenders of the family unit but it seems not to have, to any great extent.  Women still seem to be caught in this victimhood, inequality thing which is allowing the most outrageous injustices to be perpetrated in the name of fairness and which very few women are calling for what it is.

Minette Marrin is one of the few women not accepting what is happening.  She has a track record of skilful journalism, she has the runs on the board and is in a position to speak.  She doesn’t like what she sees.  The only other women doing this seem to be the Christian women with websites and they’re scathing about their sisters.  You could add to this people like Rossa at my place.

I think it’s not their sisters at fault per se.  It’s the political power pushing this whole thing which needs to be brought down, so that the natural order can once more prevail, so that manufacturing restarts and so that everyone can feel there is opportunity and pride in what he/she produces.

2 comments for “The artificial workplace must cease

  1. Rossa
    July 26, 2012 at 07:27

    They can’t do that over here any more as temps now get the same ‘benefits’ as part-time or full time workers. The agency is the employer so has to give holiday pay and sickness benefits. Good old EU regs.

    Though that doesn’t stop the gangmasters and travelling community from exploiting people as has recently been highlighted in the MSM.

  2. July 26, 2012 at 07:45


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