The Harrogate Conversazione

Harrogate, for those not in the UK, is a lovely town not far from where I come from and not far, in the other direction, from where I am now.  Where I live now is on the map.   It would be the perfect place to hold a conference and had I known about one, I’d have made the effort to get over there.  Not to worry.

Yesterday, apparently, there was a conference.  Let’s make some sense of what it was about.

First stop is the Boiling Frog:

Harrogate 2
Harrogate 3

It seems to have been an initiative of Richard North, one of the leaders of free thought in this nation of ours:


… with whom many of us have been pushing Referism for some time but somehow, it seems, I don’t appear to be part of that conversation any more.  I can only hope that the Independent Bloggers had a smattering of representation at the Harrogate Conversazione.

To get some further info on what was being discussed, Witterings from Witney has some posts:

Harrogate 1
Harrogate 2
Harrogate 3

From all that, I think it’s a fair conclusion that they were discussing democracy, whether we need MPs and so on. I wonder if the question of the Lords came into it.  No doubt the referendum was mentioned in passing.  Witterings mentions one aspect of the conference:

A most congenial and informative conversation followed, aided and abetted with an obligatory glass or two of our chosen tipple. We were joined, during the course of our conversation, by some of the attendees who I will not mention in case they wish to remain incognito.

On a more serious note, if the attendees at that conference were able to thrash out some sort of way out of our current troubles vis-a-vis democracy and the new serfdom, it would be supported, no doubt, by the majority of us not part of the conversation. No doubt we’ll be informed in good time what the proposals are and how they can be forced upon the MPs and Brussels.

I wonder if Them was taken into account because if not, then there’s hardly any point – one must tackle the source, rather than the symptoms. So well done to the lads and one lass at the Harrogate Conversazione and here’s hoping some good came out of it.

Here are the lads and lass in all their glory.

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