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This has been going on at least since 2007.  This 2012 article sets the scene:

Calgary-based Enbridge Inc., threatened to join other industry participants in pulling out of a federal government process to develop a West Coast oceans management plan due to fears that Tides Canada, an organization that later would be labelled “radical” by the Harper government, would “hijack” the process, according to internal government documents.

Enbridge, proponent of the $5.5-billion Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline from Alberta to the British Columbia coast, warned that Tides’ role in funding anti-oilsands campaigns by environmental and First Nations organizations put into question the credibility of the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area initiative, according to a presentation company lobbyists gave to federal officials on Dec. 16, 2010.

PNCIMA is a federal initiative involving all levels of government, the commercial and sport fishing sectors, industry representatives including Enbridge, First Nations and other community groups to develop by the end of 2012 an integrated management plan to ensure a “healthy, safe and prosperous ocean area” from the Canada-Alaska coast to as far south as Campbell River on Vancouver Island, according to PNCIMA’s website.

From there, concerns have been raised by many.  By no means exhaustive, here are a few articles/compilations of correspondence on the matter:

Familiar pattern, even to us in the UK, beginning to emerge.

Tides Canada, of course, feel they’ve been “grossly misrepresented“. Yet it goes on – claims of opacity countered by Tides.  And Tides Canada promises transparency, runs screaming from questions.

And of course, Activist Cash is big business – it’s not unlike a hydra.

Which raises the question – what the hell game is Rockefeller playing?

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