Why libertarians should support the integrity of the Lords

The most precious thing at this time is our liberty because it is being eroded by everyone from the UN to the EU to Westminster [and Washington] to the local council. Every day there’s some new little incursion, explained away as some administrative necessity or to keep us safe.

So far we’re all agreed, yes, that we need personal freedom plus the freedom to set up a business, live where we want and basically how we want? As Longrider says, this does not mean “do as thou wilt”. There are limits which stem from courtesy for our fellow man and woman near us.

Again, no problem thus far, right?

The divide comes when we debate how to achieve and preserve that liberty. The leftist will happily allow Clegg, Millipede or iDave to legislate for it, as in “they should ban this”, “they should insist on this”. Both the true libertarian and centre-right conservative who wants to see our old lifestyle preserved don’t buy government sticking its oar in.

There’s no need.  How this relates to the integrity of the Lords is gone into at OoL.