Could we maybe have one exception?

Summer drags on, albeit with nice conditions, my traditionally direst month is here and I’m running out of steam, it’s the Silly Season, many folk are away and of course the Olympics are upon us.

There’s actually a bit of a rant coming up on Thursday [being composed at this time as a result of material coming in from five sources] but aside from that, you know I really couldn’t be a***ed writing about Westminster or Obama or other depressing topics – there’ll be some interesting items of a magazine nature.

One thing I was asking myself though was – under what circumstances would we support events at these Olympics?   I hear you say none whatever and in terms of the organization – agreed.   I have to confess though to liking sport in general when it’s not the doping circus and one where there still appears to be the old amateur spirit is the GB women’s volleyball.

Not my favourite sport but if you read the history of our team – they had funding withdrawn in 2010 and were told they’d have to fund themselves to get to these Olympics. Some apparently even mortgaged their houses for this and you know, I don’t have the heart not to support these girls.

After all, are we not supposed to support our country v the EU monster? Seems to me that the Olympics, for all the deep cynicism, rightly placed, are actually one of the few remaining expressions of nationality – the EU hasn’t figured at all, except for getting in the way with restrictions.

The Mail did cover the volleyball girls’ stunning victory but then it sort of died, did it not and almost no one is speaking of this team, probably because no medals are riding on it.    Today they play Italy, a champion team and are not really expected to win, plus I have commitments which might preclude watching it.    Pity because anyone who did watch into the wee hours two nights ago saw a bunch of amateur hopefuls taking on the established nations and the spirit in our camp was infectious.

I do think we have to keep our perspective.   For example, why not support the road races, as they’re free to watch and have a long tradition, plus doping does seem to have been brought under control? Sailing has always cost money and yet there are good things happening there at Weymouth and Portland.   Politically, I’d like to get back to a situation where we could once again enjoy these things without them being soured for us but that’s probably asking too much.

So there it is.   Hope it’s not too politically correct to support these girls in their giant-killing act but I’ll be following them today if I get the chance.

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  1. August 1, 2012 at 06:35

    How about that Chinese swimmer?

    Seemed like an awsome achievement… till you realised she would have won the mens race with the time she did, if they let her take part.

    Now I do think that girls should be confident, and can acieve most anything if they set their minds to it, but I do wonder. Could a 16 year old girl _really_ out perform a guy over the last 700 meters, (not just any guy, but an olymic athlete) without some assist, some ace in the hole. Was he taking it easy or something?

    I bet the Chinese do heve the tech and they do have a very strong will to win, but maybe she just is something else. I just can’t decide.

  2. August 1, 2012 at 07:06

    Mixed feelings. Knew a girl when I was about 12, friend of mine. I was no slouch in the pool and won a couple of backstroke races but she’d go straight past me like a fish or dolphin.

    Thinking back – low body weight, girls maturing early and having bigger feet relatively then etc. Against that, what the East Germans did to their girls – getting them pregnant then terminating them and so on – would you put it past the Chinese, which is a communist state as well and the glory of the mother country is all?

    Plus Chinese medicines – doping tests? Bah. I worked with Chinese kids for a few years as mentioned a few times and they were seriously strange. The Russians had their quirks but were basically like us – the Chinese were so easily pressganged by their hierarchy – looking at those gymnasts yesterday, they were unnerving.

    Yet they came fourth in the gymnastics and the Americans with their casual life won it. They don’t do well in the sailing either, the Chinese – it’s no place for regimented minds. That girl – sigh, we can’t know, can we? Those swimming coaches though seem to be right – whenever a superhuman performance comes up at the Olympics, it usually turns out to be just that – superhuman.

    As for women able to do anything – this is the lie which not only puts them in danger but brings men nearby into danger as well.

    and can achieve most anything if they set their minds to it

    There are things women simply don’t do as well and things they do better, which is such a natural thing to say. There are also things humans do better and some things lions do better. Or butterflies. To say they can do everything, even in jest, is the mindless ideology so many women have been sucked in by. Society is finding now, to its cost, that they can’t. Meanwhile, just for some sort of affirmation of their womanhood, they bring havoc down on the society.

    Men go around affirming themselves in front of woman, to show they’re more alpha than other males. Women though affirm their womanhood for men to accept them as equals. It’s the women who cross the gender divide here. Men are more interested in the pecking order within their own gender.

    Women most definitely lack something in top management but do well in a supportive role. Which is not to say most men are any good at it either and certainly the wrong ones are in charge now. The reason, despite her brainpower, that Marissa did not go further at Google is she simply lacked the wherewithal in IT. Most men, especially graduates, don’t have that programmer brain either. Jobs had people around him who did have that sort of brain.

    Both sexes in the new generations can’t get it right because they lack the grounding which previous generations had, plus the maturity. They come up with new ideas all the time but they usually come to grief, e.g. cloud computing.

    Women bring too many other issues in most of the time and it’s a pain – they’re not baggage free [see Helen Reddy] and what’s worse, they know it deep down and won’t admit it. They certainly can’t admit they’re wrong – I’ve tested that out here a few times in posts and comments and of course, in RL. It’s amusing.. Which is not to say they’re not better in other ways – they can be, e.g. fine motor-coordination in many tasks and that special womanly compassion for small birds with broken wings which we can’t replicate.

    Women tend to like to complicate issues and yet in the workplace, do a few things well, taking care of the fine detail. My experience is that women tend to take care of the fine detail better and don’t bring ego into it. Male ego is a limiting factor in so many cases and if you think it’s a pain in the neck for you, it’s equally so for me. Alpha anyone is a pain in the neck – thinking it’s all under control and it’s “my way or the highway”. Fine if you’re a superman or superwoman but I don’t know any of these.

    In the sailing, on the same boats [lasers], they run two different sailplans to take differences into account. They should not be in combat roles in the military and a look at the much touted Israeli military shows they’re not freely intermingled in most cases and socially it causes problems. As Christie O pointed out [and she was in there], ideology has weakened the forces which, in peacetime you can get away with but not in war. The filmmakers are at fault here, making fantasies seem real.

    In the end, if I wrote a post on men’s limitations, I’d almost guarantee that most men readers here wouldn’t argue, provided it was accurate. I’d almost guarantee that any women reading this would feel anger inside but then immediately try to make our she wasn’t angry. Some women, knowing it’s a wind-up, would not get angry but would bear it in mind and I’ll get it some time down the track. Men would wince at what I write about women, knowing what would happen to them at home if they tried that on. 😉

    Which is not to say that women aren’t wonderful. They are. [Now tell me you weren’t thinking that was the most condescending, egotistical BS you’ve ever had the misfortune to read?]

    Rather than doing the Don Quixote, women would be better off playing to their strengths and so would men.

  3. August 1, 2012 at 09:53

    James, it is not a lie to say “that girls should be confident, and can achieve most anything, if they set their minds to it” It applies to boys just as well as girls.. Most often the main thing stands in the way of our goals is not having confidence and believing in one’s self.

  4. August 1, 2012 at 10:31

    girls should be confident, and can achieve most anything

    Moggsy, you’ve conflated two mutually exclusive things:

    1. girls should be confident

    Yes they should.

    2. can achieve most anything

    No they can’t and the world sees that they can’t. One half of humanity is saying WTF and the other half is saying yes we can, yes we can, despite evidence upon evidence upon evidence to the contrary.

    They can’t achieve everything at all – they can achieve many things and perform passably at others. Some they just can’t.

    Take the Olympic sailing classes. Thank goodness feminism doesn’t rule there, otherwise the women would drown and they know it. Here are the classes sailed, with equivalents:

    Men’s Laser
    Women’s Laser Radial

    Men’s 470
    Women’s 470

    Men’s RS-X
    Women’s RS-X

    Men’s Star
    Women’s Elliott 6m

    Apart from the Radial being a smaller sail area and flatter for the girls to cope with, the first eight are roughly equivalent – so yes, women can compete and well too. Look at 12 noon today as the GB girl battles with the Irish girl – women make excellent sailors and always have. I sailed with a girl for two years and she was great, very much my equal in skill, if not physically. She accepted that, I accepted it, we were both happy with it. It’s just the bloody feminists who tell that girl not to accept it, that I’m oppressing her.

    How about these two classes:

    Men’s Finn
    Open 49er

    The Finn can’t be sailed by women effectively, not at top level. That’s why there is no women’s Finn.

    The Open 49er is open to men and women. No women joined it. Why? Because it requires a physical level of coordination and bloody-mindedness which is peculiarly male. Intensely difficult boats to sail.

    My own old class – A Class catamarans – there are a few women here and there. Where are the others, competing 50-50 with the men? They just aren’t. It’s too difficult for the ladies, as with motorsport, except in rare cases. If women were equal, where are the female F1 drivers?

    It’s not to put women down. It’s just to get a bit of sanity back into things. If women are rational, then they’ll see that they do excellently on some things, well on others and not so good on others – same as the men in other areas.

    I really don’t see the problem with that.

  5. August 1, 2012 at 12:20

    James, As so often you mis interpret what I say and go to great lengths about it.

    I could go on trying to make it clear. I guess it is in the class that includes “most anything” ^_^, but I figure this is one difficult task. I might be able to do it if I set my mind to it, but I just don’t have time for it.

    It is a resourses v returns thing as (usually) guys who know these things say in meetings.

  6. August 1, 2012 at 12:30


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