Laura blows them away:

The width of a tyre:

Did something happen while I was putting this up?

Just saw it – it stinks. That’s no way to win a gold. Neither of those two gives an inch, one elbowed the other – that decision is surely wrong. Something happier:



Conflicting emotions – that relegation was so wrong, even though I like Anna Meares – that was a dirty trick of hers but for the judges to take it away – if that was justice, we’re all bananas. Second ride OK.

So, 2 from 3 – not bad, eh?

Not cycling but just as good today:

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  1. wiggiatlarge
    August 7, 2012 at 19:31

    I will say my bit on this , though I suspect a large part of those who read all this are sick of it, Victoria Pendleton was not good enough today, the first round was a classic old time sprint between two very equal competitors, the argy bargy was accepted to a degree years ago , not now, technically to a small degree the result was correct, but was cleverly instigated by Meares.
    The second ride Meares outrode Pendleton, the minute she made Pendleton take the lead which was great bike control and what sprinting is all about , Vicky was up against it, I had to wait to the final to see if Pendleton was back to where she was three years ago , not quite and that was the difference, but she still retires as the best of her generation and I doubt a British competitor will replace her soon or a for very long time in that event.
    I said Laura Trott is the future , and what a great advert for the sport.

  2. August 7, 2012 at 21:36

    And well spoken sir. Talk about high excitement though.

  3. Rossa
    August 8, 2012 at 08:22

    It’s been great for our equestrian competitors this time. And more medals looking like a strong possibility in the individual showjumping and dressage.

    I used to be a keen supporter of showjumping in the 70s and it’s great to see the resurgence in the UK. Watched the dressage yesterday and young Charlotte blew away the older more experienced riders. Can’t believe she only took it up at the beginning of last year. Great horse helps a lot and he’s now considered the best in the world. That’s the next step for the UK to start to breed our own good horses, seeing as every other one was Dutch bred.

    As usual we do the sitting down sports very well 🙂

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