For services rendered

From the latest This is True:

The attorney for Tara Obenauer, 42, of Massapequa, N.Y., says that if the Nassau County Police Department “had exercised minimal diligence in supervising its employee, they would have discovered what he was doing long before.”

What, and perhaps even whom.

Tara Obenauer. She slept with Officer Mike Tedesco over 100 times, usually while he was on duty, she claims, and now “her reputation has been completely tarnished.”

(In April 1992, a Tara Obenauer, same hometown and then 21, was a stripper who was putting off law school and told the New York Times, “I can make $1,000 a night or more, if I really work at it.”)


“Before this incident,” her lawyer said, “she was a well-respected vice president of a Fortune 500 company successfully raising two children on her own.” Obenauer herself says Tedesco “was cheating on the county, and he was cheating on me, and he did the same thing to his own wife and children.”

Tedesco retired after one of Obenauer’s neighbors told police supervisors how frequently his patrol car was parked at Obenauer’s place.

Obenauer’s lawyer says she suffers “severe emotional and psychological damage” and fears that “Tedesco or other officers may retaliate” if she leaves her house.

County Attorney John Ciampoli says not only is the lawsuit frivolous, Obenauer actually got “something from the county that other citizens did not” — a police car parked outside her home.

…Not to mention the “police services” performed inside it.

Why does the name Natasha Giggs spring to mind?

(AC/New York Newsday, New York Times, New York Post)

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  1. August 8, 2012 at 09:58

    I guess “reputation” can be different things to different people sometimes.

    I am not saying it is so in this case… but I could see someone working, say as an exotic dancer, who might also have a reputation as a hard worker, for honesty and kindness. Or even as having a good business head.

    So their “reputation” could still be damaged.

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