Last of the summer wine

Cameron leaves the country on holiday, traditionally the time moves are made which will be unpopular and minions announce them … or not.   Last days when parents get children ready for school, the anniversary of Beslan approaches, games euphoria lingers for some time.

Telegraph says: “After the Games must come the hard graft” but that’s not possible because the culture is one of entitlement, sloth, ignorance and dumbing-down.   Just the PC leftist comments here alone show the attitude which underpins.   Those athletes are a small percentage of the whole – will you be out on a training track this morning?

It’s the old one of every kid wanting the slam dunk in basketball but none of the lead-up. Cameron’s also not wrong in saying “Rid schools of anti-risk culture – what is wrong is Cameron saying it now and what he interprets that to mean in terms of cuts and further austerity, plus the EU agenda as it relates to our nation.

What the people did show was that they are not racist deep down, when those foreigners help us but draw the line at foreign “entitlement” such as with the radical Muslims, residents not speaking English, being on benefits and so on.   No one objects to Mo Farah winning gold for GB but people do draw the line at Leicester and other places now being non-British in make-up.

The very fact that many Brits are concerned with that shows a residual nationalism.   My fear is that Them will try to maintain the games’ jingoistic nationalism so that it results in a war.   There are enough indicators that Them are shaping up for one , yet they still lack a target.

It’s quickly approaching the Australian situation in people’s minds, regarding foreigners integrated in society and contributing to that society – Downunder, it’s just taken as read that there’s a cosmopolitan influence.   That’s no bad thing and enriches a land and has shown, Downunder, that ofttimes foreigners wish to integrate, to be accepted, rather than impose their culture on the nation.  That is, they accept the nation’s sporting and beach culture and embrace that, along with being some of the more hardworking.

Eventually the host culture embraces that – I’m thinking of the rich and vibrant Italian influence in Carlton in Melbourne and the Greek Richmond.  The variety in eating establishments down there is staggering.

What is not good here is the Muslim goal of creating Shariah [we appear to have the Muslim flotsam in this country, rather than the ones we’d want] and that has to be opposed with maximum prejudice, along with any other corrosive culture which wants to impose itself on ours.   Actually, the only other threat is the insanity of PCism, entitlement, faux equality, faux inclusiveness, the prizes for all mentality and faux tolerance, meaning tolerance of all that is bad, out of some namby-pamby fuzzy logic.

That is masking the most appalling prejudice being perpetrated by government, council and lefties.   The sexism from the left is just jawdropping and you’ve seen some of that in comments at this blog, whilst trying to accuse me  of that very thing the other way around.   Those people are completely unaware of what they are doing.

And so September approaches.  Any indicators of what’s coming?

Germany to block Greek aid if it misses targets

By the way, I’ll be running a couple of flashbacks to some of the incidents of the Games in pictures and fascinating they were too. One the Mail has got onto today puzzled me too at the time: “Mrs Mo and the flag kerfuffle: Did the Olympic busybodies take the shine off her celebration?”  Did you see that?  It looked like he was trying to take the flag himself and she was unhappy about it, yet he then kissed her.

Might have been just a misunderstanding at the time.  Like many, I was delighted by the Mrs. and Jnr. Farah moments.  And his explanation of the track incident:

‘She [Tania] got told off for going on the track. They were like, ‘‘no, you stay there’’. There was this guy giving her a hard time about it.

… really makes the blood boil.  Oh how I detest jobsworth officialdom.   Think it does with you too.  Real party-poopers.

More on the baton moment:

Bolt’s battle for Olympic baton Usain Bolt kept relay baton despite threat of disqualification.

Never realized that that’s what the official did – I thought he just took it away.

Meanwhile: Thousands of desperate residents flee devastating wildfires as flames tear across Tenerife and London has its own megablaze.

UK companies plan to increase employment levels in the next three months, but are running out of patience and may start laying off staff if economic data fails to show a recovery from recession this year, Just a question of time, isn’t it?  Crash is coming – question is when.


Think that’s about post-gamesalyptic Monday.

Women having gynaecological treatment will stay on the same ward as men in a shocking NHS cost-cutting move. Welcome to Britain 2012.

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