Locog ruin it yet again

All the posts, all the comments, all the frustration – for once we wanted to put that aside and watch the cycling and to be fair, the resolution of the feed from Locog was very good.  Here are two control shots to show what I mean:

1.  A set portrait which is about as good as we can expect:

Remembering it’s a live feed from Locog to the Beeb, thence here as a TIFF, which I converted to a JPEG and then uploaded, autoreducing to what you see – it’s still not too bad.

2.  This is a shot which should be OK, as the rider is coming at us, not across the camera and as you can see, again it’s not too bad:

3.   This one is difficult, trying to follow the riders on the other side of the track and of course, anything static over there is likely to be blurred.   It’s OK – you can follow the action.

Keep that in mind as the story begins.

Between that time and now, something happened.

The first mess-up was the long, long delay to the medal presentation.   Bear in mind that the Chinese disqualification had just taken place and that had forced a delay too.  Yet the delay between the eventual decision with the Chinese and the podium was not all that long.

Nor was anyone else’s presentation – in the shooting, the judo, in anything else.

Only in our premier event where GB won and it was at a premium that nothing went wrong – did something go wrong.

Of course it went wrong.   Either no one had told the Princess Royal or they hadn’t thought there might be flags needed for a podium ceremony or someone had ballsed up something.   Anyway, eventually they emerged and it was done.

One blip eh?   On an otherwise good day, we could excuse one blip.

Not  a bit of it.

Many people, I’d imagine, would have gone off and made dinner, done what needed doing and then come back to watch it again.   Obviously those with TVs would have watched the replay there but those without needed the Beeb online.   Now, select any sport and up comes either a “Catch up” or a “Live” message.   Actually it’s not live because it’s video delay but we’ll let that pass.

So if you checked out sports not of great interest, there were those nifty buttons on the menu below, letting you choose which set of which match or which race.

Locog, we might start to love you again.   So I clicked on Ben Ainsley at the sailing – and it said he was available to watch.

Nope, nothing.   There were windsurfers with Germany and Spain, some other classes but no Finn and Ben Ainslie.   There were plenty of other events to watch, like an Azebaijani boxing match or whatever but a potential gold medallist winning his race?

Nope, not a sausage.

Not to worry, might as well watch Chris Hoy and Co again.

Nothing again.

Not available.

I checked other sports – yep, they were all available as usual in Locog’s flawless system.   Back to the cycling page – nothing whatever.   Went off to do some things and came back later.

Well, at least it was now available.     As I started to watch that race again, it suddenly became apparent that yet another balls-up had taken place.  Look at the resolution of the pics below, taken exactly the same way as the others above.

4.  This is not a panning shot, it’s a long shot – static:

5. This is a close-up.   Bear in mind that the rider had slowed down and was doing a ceremonial lap – surely one which Locog could get fairly sharply if they tried.   Look at the BBC symbol – fairly sharp still.   Only the Locog image itself is a disgrace:

So what happened between the end of the medal presentation and now?    Was it the incompetence of Locog or was it a deliberate move to provide a public who were odds-on to want to see this again with the worst images imaginable?

I have a theory.   Whenever something in our country does not have a premium on it, e.g. off-peak travel or an ordinary programme, it goes reasonably smoothly.   The moment anyone gets excitable about a premium event, the rules change, management steps in and/or sends memos down from above, everyone gets so anxious that nothing must go wrong that all sorts of non-comps start interfering “just to make sure” and the result is a balls-up.   It’s happened too many times.

On the railways, the only train which ever breaks down is the premium train in the morning or evening.   All others go fine as no one’s paying them much mind and lower echelons just administer them as they always do.   The moment rush hour arrives, people get nervous in this infantilized society, mistakes are made and the result is a mess.

Locog are a bunch of either non-comps or evil muvvers.


Oh and by the way:

Errr… that’s not me: Another Olympic security cock-up as teenage sprinter Gemili is given a pass with someone else’s photo on it

3 comments for “Locog ruin it yet again

  1. August 2, 2012 at 23:02

    Or what about this LOCOG mess up.


    They don’t like anyone doing things better then they can.

  2. August 2, 2012 at 23:32

    Let’s all write to Call Me Adam about the fiasco – he seems so friendly and first-namey at the end of that link.

  3. August 3, 2012 at 04:43

    Your “too many chief and not enough indians” or maybe too many “Chefs and not enough Commis”. It fits with all the observable facts for sure.

    Like the sports psycholgists say ” they need to box the monkey” or maybe the manager ^_^

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