To accept that we’re marionettes takes a particular mindset because, at each age we feel we’re on top of this world thingy, that we have it all sorted in our minds.  We’re essentially closed to alternative ideas thereafter which we, personally, did not come upon and sort out in our own minds.

At 15, I thought I had the world sorted and was lecturing adults, to their bemusement. Remember Mark Twain’s:

“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

Years do count, as do an open mind, study and research.

When someone 76 years old [not me but a person I know] argues with someone 38, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has wisdom – the young guy may be far better read and have a macro feel for the world. He might also be more open to different ideas on the forces behind the world and the older person set in his ways but when the attitude of that openminded 38 year old is found in the 76 year old, then there is a dangerous person who not only takes what he’s told to think and feel with a grain of salt but he’s actually lived through much of those past decades and knows the things spoken and written today are bollox – that’s not how things were.

If that is extended back into past eras, way earlier than Ancient Greece and Rome, the same motifs crop up over and over again. What we have here in the blogosphere is people coming in with an opinion and that’s fine but it’s not an even playing field. For example, in discussing British politics with Witterings from Witney, he appears, to the average reader, as an intelligent guy who knows a few things about politics.

Actually, he’s far more, he has practical experience of them and on things party-political in Britain, I’d not try to gainsay him. I know that because I’ve met him. Similarly, there are people who pontificate on the economic ills and then there are people actually in the game and who really do know, personal foibles and prejudices notwithstanding – I prefer the latter and think you would too, if only you knew the credentials of the people speaking/writing to you.

The reason I’m down on Mensch is that she is an ignorant young woman with some native intelligence she’s misused, by being hoodwinked into the great feminist lie that things were bad for women back then, that she represented the “struggle for women” and that she was just oh so way-cool. What really turned me off her was her appearance on HIGNFY when she was attempting to bignote herself as an equal to Hislop and the others there. She really put herself on a level with the editor of Private Eye for knowledge of British politics?

Sheesh! Contrast that with Charlotte Church who, in her appearance, accepted who she was and what she knew and didn’t know and enjoyed the whole experience.

Back to Mark Twain. I like the blogosphere for its freedom but unfortunately, it takes some time to sort the ignorant from the knowledgeable and the process of finding out what people really do know or don’t takes too long. And there are people who know who are marginalized, vilified.

One guy who does know a lot is Revolution Harry – wish he wouldn’t use that name. He’s never bignoted but goes in to find out – quietly – and comes back weeks later with the knowledge. His mind is open. He explores things.  Another who knew a lot was Xxxl or Sonus and though he took a set against me, I think on religious grounds, he sure did know a hell of a lot.

The type of blogger I don’t trust is the one who bignotes himself either by using his surname, e.g. “It landed on Wolsey’s desk today” or else he uses a diminutive of his first name : “Ronny elsewhere today,” or else he quotes statporn, runs charts of the “most influential people” in the country or who goes on about how many august bodies he’s now been banned from.  Interestingly, with the latter, one of the regular readers here at NO wrote to say, among other things, that he wasn’t enamoured of that guy’s blog, whereas he appears to be an uberblogger in the sphere.

And in case anyone’s getting any ideas about me – please refer to the name of this blog yet again.


However, that wasn’t what this post was about – it’s about marionettes.   It’s about collusion and the existence [or not] of a deleterious power or force.   For a Christian, it’s so dead easy to identify this force, to personify it as well.   For a non-Christian, it is admittedly pushing the brown stuff uphill to come to terms with what this force is.   So when faced with the deeds of the Janjaweed in Darfur or with the GIA in Algeria:

The GIA get my vote for the sickest, craziest, bloodiest guerrilla group since the Khmer Rouge went out of business. They’re the ones who do the massacres that make Algeria the place you’d least like to spend your honeymoon.

Just killing isn’t enough for these guys. Killing is for wimps. The GIA started coming up with new touches to keep the game interesting: burning people alive, bayoneting babies, raping and killing children in front of their parents. All in the name of God, you understand.

… those hardwired to put everything down to socio-political causes – they were oppressed, they didn’t have enough to eat, the opposition were bloody to them, they had bad childhoods – are never going to put it down to the root cause and that is that when the fabric of society, its mores, its human rules towards one another, are first undermined, then eroded, then overrun – only evil consequences flow from that.

A perfect example is between wars Paris and Berlin.  Already the strongholds of the lost, of the disconnection from the mores which protect people in a civilized society and such disconnection all in the name of fashion, chic, avant garde, pushing the boundaries, what it always comes back to in the end is misery and oppression, the creation of human flotsam [see Seaside Sourpuss’s post this morning] and the demoralization of human beings.

I use that term to mean not only the despair of people but also the lack of any guidelines on how to live because those guidelines have been mocked and suppressed in chic company.   There is very little difference between this and what Moses found when he came down from the mountain – the wormtongues had been moving among the people, suggesting this, hinting at that, playing on grievances and blowing them out of all proportion, relying on those people’s lack of knowledge of the overview, of the big picture, playing on self-interest [always the big winner over altruism and neighbourliness].

The allegory is appropriate – Wormtongue and King Théoden in Lord of the Rings – and how even a man of experience can get dotty and is susceptible to the wiles of the determined whisperer.

And what is the inevitable result of throwing off one master or set of influences?   In people’s deep desire for self-determination, they fall prey to another master, an unstated one.   The analogy this time is Anakin Skywalker and the exhortation to let himself fall into the abyss of his anger.   It all seems so melodramatic yet you’ve known people like that – people in the background who do seem actively if quietly malevolent.

Politically – and this is where we might differ – the solution is not to withdraw into oneself, muttering: “I don’t know why we can’t all just get along – love is always better than hate.”   Yes it is but it’s not going to come about by feelgood exhortations and to be fair – it’s also not going to come about through combative aggression and nasty words.   It’s going to come about by Cromwell’s maxim: “Put your trust in God; but mind to keep your powder dry’.”

It’s madness not to have one’s defences in good repair and at the ready.   Turn the other cheek certainly works in the area of forgiveness – a most powerful weapon in itself – and it should be the default position of nations too but it always pays to have the powder dry all the same.

Look – there is an enemy and however you see him/it, whether you see it as the oligarchs or the devil or Man’s debauched nature or whatever – it is there and it is operating today.   Just the World Core Curriculum alone is enough evidence – it is creating the new, compliant Child of the World and so many good people are hoodwinked into a fine-sounding ideal, expressed in honourable and high-sounding words.

It’s when you trace it back to its authors that you begin to see what it’s all about.   You get to Mueller and via him to Blavatsky and via her to Bailey and the Lucis Trust which didn’t even try to hide its name in the early years.   And it’s in the UN.   And the UN was in Darfur during the atrocities, turning a blind eye and there was a case that they were abetting it.   And also in the UN is Strong and the global Greenery, which gets to Davidson and McLaughlin and Valdez, which gets to carbon footprints and worshipful Gaia:

The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action. We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years.

… which gets to an alternative deity, not the extinction of all deities, as Lennon’s imaginings came through young children at the Olympics.  Imagine there’s no heaven?  There most certainly a hell and we’re slouching towards it now.   That’s what you are fighting at OoL right now.   You just don’t ascribe all the other things to it I have in this post.

But if you think there’s going to be a world without a boss or oligarchy of bosses, that there’s going to be some Brave New World of everyone free to do his thang [deliberate misspelling], then that’s just as utopian as the Marxists.  There’s always going to be a deity.   Throw out the benevolent God and guess just who that alternative deity might turn out to be?   A Rothschild … or whoever is driving them?

When will people finally wake up that we’re being sold a pup, we’re being manipulated, that Fox News is every bit as bad as Socialist Worker’s Daily?   That even Glenn Beck and Alex Jones have question marks against their names as much as Soros, the Kochs and the Frankfurt School and Tavistock Chatham House?   At least people are waking up to the Big Three in the UK and to the Big Two in the States.

In a not dissimilar way to the Matrix, we are marionettes and we rail against being so.   I am, you are, we all are to a greater or lesser extent.   Does it matter?   Yes it does, as we are sleepwalking towards a dystopia where we’re not even going to care about our freedom and independence anymore – not if our basic comforts are initially taken care of.

And we’re being set against one another right now in situations where it’s only to the benefit of that force for it to be so, certainly not to our long-term benefit.

The first step back to winning this thing is the realization that we’re not the arbiters of all wisdom, that things are getting in the way of learning, that we can’t do it all ourselves, that our world view, simply through our varied experiences to this point, makes that view flawed.   But we can circumvent that by opening the mind and then combining of our own volition with those who are also open and cynical.

I for one do not subscribe to this, pretty though the song is:

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  1. Seaside Sourpuss
    August 31, 2012 at 13:20

    This post reminded me of something I read the other day –
    ‘By the time I was old and wise enough to accept my mother wasn’t always wrong, I was also old enough to have a daughter of my own, who will not listen to a word I say’.

  2. Sackerson
    August 31, 2012 at 14:13
  3. August 31, 2012 at 15:39

    Seaside – have to smile that people, searching for a diminutive, say Seaside instead of So…. And what you said is right.

    Well done and Sackers – I know you’re modest but when you comment, fill in your url so people can go there.

  4. Revolution Harry
    August 31, 2012 at 23:05

    It’s been an incredibly steep learning curve these last few years. I’ve rued calling my blog by its current name for a while now. Not that I had a violent revolution in mind when I started. In fact it was based on the name of a club night I used to use when I was a promoter. Of course I’m a bit wiser (I hope) these days and I can see that it’s entirely inappropriate.

    I’ve already decided to start a new one if I do feel the desire to blog again. What to call it is the real puzzler.

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