Matchracing is the way to go

U.S.A. are in two gold medal games for women:

18:20 Volleyball [Logan Tom’s team] v Brazil

21:00 Basketball v France

Need those to make sure China stay down. Russia storming back too but won’t catch GB.


16:05 Final Elliott race about to start. Australia were leading and lost their skipper overboard in Race 3. Race 4 they won. This is the gold medal now.

16:40 High drama again – Australia penalized twice, Spain win.

Just had an email from a friend who’s been watching the Elliott racing and had a question on the boats – she was worried that I might be irritable over the question.  Hell no – if someone is watching sailing, that’s superb and like Wiggia with cycling, JD with his art and Spain, any questions at all are a pleasure.

It’s only certain political stances which irk me.

It was actually about the boat construction.   They’re all made of GRP [foam sandwich] or whatever it’s got to now, by the same manufacturer and teams draw lots over them prior to the event, they’re inscribed with the team name etc.  So theoretically, all boats are the same.   In practice, there are always slight differences when rigged.

I’ve been watching the Elliott too and am more and more convinced each day that match racing is the way to go.  Look at that pic at the top and some of the others where they’re circling each other, badgering each other and generally being all tactical – fascinating stuff.

In the pic, a sheer delight, they actually used the committee boat to chase each other round – one would go round, the other would follow then turn back, the other would turn back and chase – eye-rivetting stuff.  Have to get over there now and check it out because it will all be gone soon.

As of 15:15, conditions are fresh and the girls have their work cut out to parry and counter, each tack taking it out of them – the boats are flying:

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