Michael Wilson warning Daniel Craig?

Much talk about the Michael G. Wilson comments:

Recalling the decision to axe Craig’s predecessor, Wilson said: “Pierce [Brosnan] was well-liked and the grosses were going up. But we knew we had to change things before they started to taper off. Bond is the star. He is bigger than any actor that portrays him.”

General view of readers was that although he wasn’t directly threatening Daniel Craig, he might have been firing a shot across the bows either to pave the way for his exit or because DC was getting “uppity” in MGW’s eyes.  Perhaps he resents how much BB is influenced by Craig.

Most agreed that MGW is a prat and quite ungrateful, that those comments were ill-timed.  One reader wrote that MGW had never really “got” the franchise and what it was about and to say the character is bigger than the actor was in line with saying he – MGW and the organization – was more important than whoever the Bond was.

Many said the franchise would be better off out of BB’s and MGW’s hands.  Many thought DC would do one more and I’m inclined to that.  Maybe if there hadn’t been that long gap, he might have done five overall.   I feel MGW was clearing a path for a new Bond but who?

Craig, unfortunately, in playing the brutish early Bond, is a bit hamstrung and I can’t see more than one more film with Bond on a downer.

There’s talk of Nolan [no opinion yet], Fassbender [no opinion yet].   Unfortunately it then got political.  Leftists thought it a great idea to “have a black in the role”, irrespective of whether he fitted but more traditional Bond-goers thought it had to be the right man.  One reader wanted a gay ending [eyes turned to the ceiling].

One reader wrote:

The Bond Producers have always outwitted their stars by leading them on and declaring them as the best Bond ever bragging about how many films their stars will do only to cut them short by one or two films.

There’ve certainly been no beg pardons where money and product placement, rather than the integrity of the series is concerned.

There was talk of Bond actually getting the girl this time, rather than some PCist/feminist thing about the girl being the equal of Bond.  After all, JB is a fantasy character, no?  😉    The sooner they drop that rubbish the better and with the French girl, it might be so.  The English one looks like she wants to beat her chest and be Bond’s “equal”.  If he scores a few women but narrows it down to one, as in CR, perhaps more people would be pleased.

For goodness sake, let’s get a bit of romance back into it.

Dame Judy is too much of a sourpuss [getting to be like Her Maj] and her ingratitude towards Bond becomes grating.   At least Eva Green, though initially grandstanding and bigmouthing Bond, ended up in love with him.  Why Samantha Bond was dropped as Moneypenny beats me – she was a good actress and British.   There could have been some nice chemistry there.

Not sure, from what has been released, that Skyfall is quite as good as people are making out as a film.   Not sure that London is the best backdrop, any more than the bland deserts of America.   Europe and somewhere else exotic seem the best solution.   A blend of the Fleming Bond and the gadgets, impossible chases and the girls seem to be indicated, perhaps not completely plot-driven and “authentic” but neither should it be unworthy as were some of the Moore outings.

The fact that so many people bothered to respond and were actually quite passionate about it, the fact that we’re all posting on it and the way each and every one of you has an opinion on at least some aspect of Bond, that it made it to the Olympics and that it’s still so A list after all these years is a testament of some kind.


UPDATE: Loved the Telegraph comments.

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  1. August 26, 2012 at 23:04

    Her Maj is wonderful, she always has been from day one, she has been true to her word but now she has to conform to the changed rules along with the rest of us (even more so because of her position).

    She has had a lot to put up with as have we all. We just need to be thankful that the cameras aren’t on us!

    Sorry about just picking up on a little point in the post, but I know most people don’t think about 😉 and it is relevant to the thrust of your thoughts here.

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