Now at OoL

Hate to agree with iDave about something but one place his draconian approach would be welcome is in physical training and competitive sport in schools, particularly in team games.

No one’s talking draconian – kids can enjoy games as long as there is some sort of success allowed for each but that’s no reason to eliminate competitive games for fear that individual success is not going to happen.   It’s always been the way that if you’re ordinary at individual sport, then you do team sport and contribute to the team’s success.   And a friendly gamesmaster is a break from your class teacher.

There is a principle and one day, everyone from libertarians to lefties might finally get it – a child is not a fully grown human being.   The main issue is the parents, many of whom are failing their kids by swallowing the leftist mantra about competition and then there is the type of teacher they have in primary now.

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