PCists even get it wrong on Krasnodar

And as usual, the media highlights and sensationalizes something, [thanks for sending this, Chuckles], skewing it and revealing [to those who know] utter ignorance and a PC narrative to slavishly follow:

THE governor of Russia’s Krasnodar region, which will host the Winter Olympics in 2014, has enlisted the area’s Cossacks as an auxiliary police force, urging them to prevent darker-skinned Muslims from moving there.

Utter BS – he never said prevent “dark-skinned” people.   He knew what agents-provocateurs these people were and it was against their behaviour his ire was directed.  Never forget Busayev and Beslan.   Keep it front and centre when dealing with these troublesome people.

”We have no other way,” he said. ”We shall stamp it out, instil order; we shall demand paperwork and enforce migration policies.”  He said a neighbouring region had stopped performing its traditional function as ”a filter” between central Russia and the North Caucasus.

Yes and it needs that “traditional function” to function, otherwise, Russia ends up with Beslans again.   This is a particularly virulent version of Islam he’s referring to, mixed up in nationalism and other issues.   It’s spoken of eternally over there – the problem of the East – Vostok.

There are many, many Muslims in Russia, e.g. in Tatarstan but they are non-radicalized on the whole.   The virulent species the governor is referring to is an invitation to destabilization and bloodshed.  PCists [whom I can’t stand due to their overriding narrative and ignorance of issues] will make out this is racism.

They’ll look straight past the record of these people, their behaviour and focus only on their “dark-skin”, revealing themselves [the PCists] to be the real racists, the real sexists.   Everyone else is happy just to let things go along – they are the ones radicalizing it.


Chuckles points out, on the other hand, that the traditional Cossack “solution” may well have many in a fit of the vapours.   Well yeah, I replied, they’re just this bunch of guys you know – they get a bit excitable and boisterous at times, not unlike the boy in Warren’s song:


By the way, I prefer the Winter Olympics.

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