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AK Haart:

A real problem with politics is taking it seriously. I find it genuinely difficult and I don’t think it’s an unusual attitude. When the best leader you can hope for is a passably benign liar, then it isn’t easy to offer one’s support to this side or that.

Political analysis is a headache too, because mainstream political players are so balls-achingly ghastly.

Most world leaders are appalling shits. A small minority are not quite so shitty, but generating enthusiasm about matters of degree is not appealing.


2 comments for “Quote of the day

  1. haiku
    August 28, 2012 at 06:43

    What pisses me off is that the politicians are such appalling bad liars … and then they insult my intelligence by:

    1. Expecting me to believe the lie that they are currently telling. Hint: The speaker is breathing;
    2. Expecting me to forget the lie that they told me last week. Hint: The speaker was breathing.

  2. Moggsy
    August 28, 2012 at 13:29

    Well don’t expect us to disagree or anything.

    The best I can do towards that is to say there may be some politicians with some integrity sometimes, but mostly they don’t do very well, except maybe in really terrible situations where no one else is willing to take up a poisoned challice.

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