Sexualizing these games yet again

The lack of logic in a certain comment this morning [which I’ve seen just now] occasioned but a sigh.  This below, however, has occasioned a post.

What really gets up the nose is that no one else is sexualizing or black-izing these games.   All the talk has been firstly about the appalling organization and fascistic manner of the organizers on the one hand, and the fabulous achievements of the athletes on the other for GB.

I’m avidly following the exploits of our athletes, which I never thought I would but it’s difficult not to get caught up in it.   Today at work many were discussing it, whereas earlier they hadn’t been.   Plus I had a really good day personally today, my team won in football in an extraordinary boilover yesterday and we made 80% over target.

So the mood is tired but satisfied, full of goodwill to all, whatever race, creed, colour or sex.

At least it was until reminded of the nasty people out there trying to hijack these games for their own ends.   The press – or in particular the Telegraph – has been trying for days to misandrize them.

First we had the Odone idiot with her:

“Women are the power behind Team GB ” and my reply was:

If the fool cared to do her maths, she’d see that at that point, women were far from the power behind the team. Now, just because I listed the actual golds, silvers and bronzes to that point, I then become the villain for sexualizing the issue.     No, sorry – I simply won’t let people like her get away with utter BS.

Now today, we have this – they never give up, these people, do they?

Now what utter BS is “Men, women they are all as one” when the headline is as it is, not a mention of the men and in the four one liners, Pendleton gets mentioned twice to make it look as if the numbers have gone that way.  WTF is the Telegraph doing eulogizing about the females and the males get not an effing mention.

Here’s how the much vilified Mail, which is accused of misogyny, put it:

Now, does anyone see the difference in angle?   The word men appears in the headline, as does women and then the actual winners are listed.   There are no politics anywhere in there.   The Mail runs a pic of the girls and so they should – girls are prettier and make good copy – I don’t think anyone begrudges the girls.

In fact, my viewing habits have been the GB girls volleyball team – I saw their whole defeat and will follow their last match too, I watched all the women medallists and men medallists and am also watching the Algerian women and U.S. team’s Logan Tom.   So you see, I’m delighted for the girls but then to get home and see that misandrist crap from some feminazi at the Telegraph is galling.

Can’t you horses’ backsides leave sexual politics out of it for even one day?   Just what is wrong with your pathologically sick brains?

Here they go again:

Now I challenge you to go throught that and find where the men who won the gold today get equal billing with the women?   That’s right – it gets a small mention down the bottom, either side of the word “comments”.

That truly stinks.   And I bet none of those women medallists are even aware that they’re being used that way.   I bet those ladies think they’re just part of Team GB.   Oh no, girls – your achievements are to be seized on and used.   The sewer people who control the media covering these games and also organizing it have their Hitler moment to drive home.

For the rest of these games, I’m just going to take the raw footage from the Beeb and turn the sound down so that I can just hear the crowd but don’t have to listen to the commentary.   Not even Radio 5 Live is listenable at the moment.

2 comments for “Sexualizing these games yet again

  1. August 5, 2012 at 16:09

    Why are you referring to them as “Girls”?

  2. August 5, 2012 at 17:41

    Anyone under 70 is a girl – term of endearment, WC, recognizing their youthfulness.

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