The Games – bloody awful and bloody good

Rossa has just rushed the news to me about Ed McKeever:

… showing that yesterday, I was completely wrong about only reporting on the women.  Yep, Ed has won gold and that’s our 26th – just love how people like Jade and Ed are looking at everyone else’s goldrush and thinking hmmmm, I want a slice of that.

I’ve just been back through the Olympics to the 60s and on one occasion only did the host nation fail to dominate over and above their usual tally.   The thought, the prospect of a medal in front of your own people must be a huge motivating force.

Another thing that is really nice is the way the crowd has been getting behind ANY athlete, of whatever country and cheering him/her on.   Now that in itself is the spirit of what the Games should have been.   Yesterday they cheered the Frenchman, for goodness sake.  I wonder if a French crowd would have cheered a Team GB?

Rossa has also mentioned our 8 Leads, 11 Tins and 12 Zincs.    W-e-e-e-l-l-l, that’s always going to happen with open entry for the host nation. I loved seeing the girls in the volleyball [the real game] and their infectious amateur enthusiasm and their lack of ability to block or dig was actually endearing.   There was one, Grace Carter, who was cavorting round like a big frisky puppy, obviously delighted to be there in front of that crowd and that’s the type of thing I’d watch any time.

Microdave, in his excellent Friday Funnies [and don’t forget the Cap’n – have I forgotten anyone?] mentioned: “Do you think that spike [in stats] may have something to do with the Beach Volleyball competitions?”

I mentioned the women’s volleyball as also worthy:

They tried so hard and did all the gathering in the middle biz and hugging each other and so on and even won one game. Don’t know why but I’d follow their exploits through thick and thin. Hope they get some funding before Rio.

These have been the worst Olympics ever in so many ways we’ve painstakingly catalogued but they’ve also been the best and they’re the first I’ve actually watched properly since the mid 90s.     How’s it been for you?

2 comments for “The Games – bloody awful and bloody good

  1. August 11, 2012 at 14:35

    James wrote: “Yesterday they cheered the Frenchman, for goodness sake. I wonder if a French crowd would have cheered a Team GB?”

    I am very far from a sporting enthusiast, but did not the French cheer Bradley Wiggins in the Tour de France cycling race?

    As I read the press, he did extremely well, and the host country recognised, most seriously, both his ability and his sportsmanship.

    [Or do I skim, too much, that which holds little interest for me?]

    Best regards

  2. August 11, 2012 at 18:20

    Nigel, that is absolutely right and I take that back about the French. They did indeed show great respect and embrace those sportsmen of this country.

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