The good, the bad and the ugly [part 2]

In case the sour-faced officials missed it, there was a party atmosphere in the stadium as Usain Bolt’s team and Mo Farah did their thang. Here are some of the shots from that heady atmosphere:

Just how good was this?

Have you ever seen such a coming together? Yes, well this was just like that. Now, into this arena with so much going on, with Usain carrying on like a pork chop, officialdom struck. Did you see it? It began as Bolt finished the actual race:

What did that official want? Why, his baton of course but he’d finished a race two seconds earlier and giving in the baton and signing off was not the first thing on his mind. At first I thought he’d hurt the woman as she doubled over after this shot and he was away in the distance. He must have made contact with her hands.

That’s unfortunate but what was she even thinking standing on the track itself like that, thinking everyone was going to come to her and hand in their batons? That’s the mentality we rail against.

Now comes the bad and the ugly. The officials struck back. In the middle of the Jamaican thang with the crowd, over comes an official and takes his baton away. [Can’t find the shot]. The crowd boos, he begs to be allowed to keep it – it’s special to him. Nope, rules are rules und zey vill be obeyed at all times! The official walks away with the baton now accounted for, in front of an international audience of how many billion?

Fortunately someone saw the PR disaster and so an official was sent out later to give the baton back, with great ceremony, as if they were conferring a huge favour on him:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, has been the story of these games. We began with the sour, the athletes and crowd turned into something special and the officials did their best to remind everyone what country we are really in, after all the partying is done.

Bolt was asked when he’d be back. He said once they did something about the taxes. Amen.

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