The grand illusion

Being former military [though many say you’re never “former”], my first instincts are to support our troops. Hence the campaign links in the sidebar, hence the slant of many posts.

Against this is the reality of how the troops are being used, nowhere more clearly put than at Luikkerland, commenting on the Olympic-military connection:

The uninitiated will no doubt see nothing wrong with the idea that the MailOnline is letting its readership know that there is undoubtedly natural support from her colleagues in Afghanistan for an Army captain competing at the Olympics (putting aside the whole issue about how women should not be in a service where every man should be able to kill hand-to-hand).

The fact of the matter is that the story is a very good example of a well-used propaganda technique that conflates purely civil matters with military for the purpose of eliciting feelings of support for whatever particular war the latter are fighting in – in this case, Afghanistan. Fundamentally, the whole burning desire in the corporate-media for British medal success in the Olympics is about wanting to create an emotional attachment in the audience to an entity – Great Britain – that now no longer exists, in any case.

The British Armed Forces are the Queen’s private armed forces; they are not here for you, they are for protecting the interests of the Crown – which is a gang of criminals, with the Queen as a front – connected to the City of London that claim ownership of the nation, and who have their own people in control of Parliament , and who are affiliated, if they are not the exact same people, with the banker-types who rule the USA.

The war in Afghanistan is nothing to do with the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 – which was perpetrated by elements of the US Government to create a pretext for war. On the contrary, it is all about control of the Afghani resources, and the country’s strategic location in terms of controlling the flow of and supply of valuable energy assets, and controlling the region.

The kleptocracy – that is the Queen and the Crown – are able maintain British Armed Forces in Afghanistan because they are able, for instance, to manipulate Daily Mail readers with images such as are displayed here. You see, the kleptocracy has to work within the grand fantasy of consent that the British people are conditioned to imagine is real.

The wars we’ve been sent to in the past century and a bit have been entirely unnecessary from the point of view of defence of the nation.

Let me qualify that.  They were certainly necessary once the Kaiser and Hitler got moving – yes – but the Kaiser and Hitler should never have got moving in the first place. In other words, someone plucked the latter from obscurity and funded him. The former was part of the complex anyway. An expendable Grand-Duke later and those who make a killing on the killing did so – as they always do.

Who died in that pursuit?

One side of me is a patriot, wishing to support God, Queen and country – loyalty sits most naturally with me – but to my slowly developing chagrin, I’m discovering that only the first of those is supporting me and the latter does not exist in any agreed form. We’ve had the latter discussion many times.

Thus Andy Murray, with a smile, mouthed the parts of the anthem he could subscribe to but not the others. GB is certainly an artificial concept now, except among two groups – the older conservatives [not party political] and Them – the ones who are cynically manipulating the image, just as John Buchan alluded to in 1915 before he was kicked over to Canada.

The things OoL and many blogs go on about, along with the “alternative” knowledge about the Welfs and the Venetians, the beginnings of usury and the nation state – these are the antecedents from which the rigged pretence at democracy and the Big 3 arose and this is why we have less and less freedom and why the euphemistically named “nanny” state, which is really a ravening monster which devours its young, is as it is.

The left’s focus on the banksters is certainly a step in the right [correct] direction but like an intersecting Venn diagram, it’s not entirely who the actual power is – it just includes most of them – and the thing is, it is so very easy to identify if you but try a little research. It’s not as if such things are hidden, except in plain view. Posts such as the one on Belgium take you close to that source, we read, then move off at a tangent again and lose the plot.

Everything from the sexualizing of children to the breakdown of the family to the drugs and secular hedonism, to the breakdown of society in general, owes much to people who’ve sold their souls to people such as those in the Belgium post and these are the people above us, the elite.

Faeces fall from above to those below, so does poison trickle down into those below from the minds of those above.   The prime directives are both to keep us in thrall, leaving the national politicians to take the flak and the other is to depopulate.   Precisely the same power which invited Standard Oil to invest in a country defined as our enemy should ring alarm bells for all – that this whole thing is a game for those of no national loyalty at all – after all, they invented the nation for their own purposes.

One of the more amusing aspects, if the ruin of millions can be termed amusing, is the internecine strife between one bunch of the greedy in Europe wishing to take over the other bunch of the greedy in the City.

Meanwhile, how many years did Tucker, Osborne and Clarke say they would ensure our recession would go on for?   Not their recession – our recession of course.   Wasn’t there talk of 2020?


I like the current Olympics for two reasons – one is the endeavour of the actual participants, the high drama, the out-of-favour principle of competition and the human values which the citizenry might do worse than emulate … plus the nationalism.

It’s a most useful concept for us because national identity puts a spanner in the works for Them, when it persists long after it ceases being useful for the PTB.   Never mind that we are at daggers drawn over whether we’re British, English, Scottish or part of this GB … the notion of nation is the only thing which can stymie the EU monster.   Remove that loyalty in people’s minds and the major obstacle to the Eurobloc is also removed.

If they’re going to cynically exploit nationalism for two weeks in July/August, after spitting on that very identity in the years preceding that fortnight, then when it comes back to bite them, it is perhaps the chink in their armour from which useful things can be achieved. If we were opposing generals, we’d be stroking the chin and thinking hmmmm – this is one way through to the bstds.

John Buchan again [1915]:

They won up to a point, but they struck a bigger thing than money, a thing that couldn’t be bought, the old elemental fighting instincts of man. If you’re going to be killed you invent some kind of flag and country to fight for, and if you survive you get to love the thing. Those foolish devils of soldiers have found something they care for, and that has upset the pretty plan laid in Berlin and Vienna.

And in Brussels. And at the UN. And in the offices of JPM and GS. And in the Scottish rite.

And so on.   The nation state, long past its sell-by date in the eyes of the global elite, is a most useful concept indeed to maintain for the survival of the species.

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