The new Eloi

Sorry to misuse the excellent cartoon sent by Chuckles:

… but it was so apt.

It must be obvious that I do passionately care about some things and one of them is the PCism and the reverse-sexism which is part of what is keeping this nation in penury and on a downwards spiral. It must also be obvious that I don’t care about my own safety in the comments I make and in fact, in RL, I have my own agenda which means, basically, that the things I campaign for do not affect me directly.

Yet the reverse sexism does gall and that’s why I go on about it. A much-repeated incident the other day underscores what I mean here. When I go into town to shop [some km by bike and a nice ride it is too], I have to go by the dole office and also go into two offices in the central area to pay things.

Standing outside that dole office were [and I counted last Tuesday] 12 men and 2 women. That in itself should have alarm bells ringing. On the way back, I peered through at the officers behind desks and there were, in the visible downstairs, of the 8 officers, 6 women and 2 men – one was older and the other was pretty nondescript.

That also should have alarm bells ringing.

One of the offices I go to has about a dozen women in it and I counted the three men. Now the interesting thing is that the women are happy and laughing and chatting about this and that and each of those men was sitting at his computer, minding his own business and getting on with his job. One of the animated females walked over and perched near one of the guys. He was polite and answered her questions – now something is distinclty wrong in that place.

This is straight role reversal. The other office I have to go to had a similar situation. At one point in 2010, I had to go on a course and the same thing was the case there, which is when this first impinged on the consciousness. Just what the hell is going on? When I go to another town to work, by train, in that carriage are a vast majority of females, dressed smartly for work. There is a smattering of males and some of those are down and outs. I spoke to one of them – he’s out of work and does the commute to wander about the town for something to do.

Now I’m not blaming any of those women for that situation – they have to take jobs they apply for but it’s obviously far easier for women these days. So I took to looking at these guys and talking to them. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were wimpish but they certainly were not the alpha male. It was as if they were on some sort of “nice” drug, not saying anything controversial, not putting a foot out of place. It was like a reverse Stepford Wives convention and there was definitely some silent tyranny going on in there.

What was so very pointed was that none of these men was boisterously happy, as offices are portrayed by the feminists, with ogling males passing remarks on the women or coming on to them. There was zero bravado or even confidence with these pay-packet taker-homers. Sorry, but that was sick. Contrast that with the women who were almost carefree in their banter and repartee.

Now if this is the payback, then fine. I suspect that for every one of those girls, there’s no misandrist payback involved at all. They’d be shocked to know how they were selected – on what grounds. In fact, knowing one or two of them, they’re lovely ladies and what I say on this blog never gets said to them or even hinted. I play the traditional male role as I always have.

But it’s those men who worry the hell out of me. What on earth has occurred that either 1. took the masculine spark out of them or 2. made it so that that type only was selected for work? It’s almost as though the only males allowed around an office are those who are non-threatening to the females.

My question is – is that healthy? Is that organization likely to progress, given that there are no Bill Gates or Steve Jobs types in there?     To see such a lack of oomph from the men is truly bizarre and truly disquietening. I’m getting visions of Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over and an HR department of Nurse Ratcheds.

People – there is most certainly something wrong going down and I know many men have said it before, in previous years, even at this blog, so where are these men now?     Is it some misplaced sense of faux-chivalry, is it the fear of being labelled as sexist [remembering I don’t give a damn what I’m labelled as] or is it, as Wolfie said, wiser to keep the mouth shut in this day and age?   If so, then how far are we from the EUSSR?

Now he’s as alpha-male as it’s possible to get and I fear the type is an endangered species. It only exists at Olympic Games or so it seems.    Emasculation?   Bollox to that.

Have men gone the way of the Eloi, conceding to the silent tyranny?

A good place to start nalysing that is the closed shop of HR, to see the gender distribution therein.   I began that last week and was chatting to an HR department – they were ALL women of the worst kind imaginable – brutish and cold.   If you multiply that across the country then there, I believe [and you might have come to this conclusion already], is the root cause of the whole problem.

What hope this society?

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  1. August 13, 2012 at 11:16

    It’s a while since I worked in an open-plan office, but I don’t recognise the scenario you paint. The banter in my office ran between and among the men and women, was often sexual in nature, and the women got as good as they gave.

    Your phenomenon must be recent, or local, or something.

  2. August 13, 2012 at 11:37

    “To see such a lack of oomph from the men is truly bizarre and truly disquietening.”

    Fine post and quite disturbing. This is an issue I tend to leave alone because it’s difficult, complex and to some extent relies on anecdote, yet I have similar anecdotes of my own.

    There is also a possibly related subject of the reported decline in male fertility over the past fifty years. Is there a connection?

    Usually this decline is claimed by environmental campaigners, but there could be other subtle issues going on too.

  3. August 13, 2012 at 11:50

    Mark, where do you actually live and work these days – in the UK?

    AKH – it’s a worry all right and I think I was blaming the women for so long but it’s not quite that, is it? There’s something else going on, it’s political and involves the concept of HR to an extent. Early days.

    On a nice note, the next post is exuberantly fun so it’s not to be all gloom today. I just loved putting together the 13:30 post.

  4. Sackerson
    August 13, 2012 at 12:24

    decline in male fertility …

    This wouldn’t be an attempt by Mother Nature to restore some balance, would it?

  5. Robert the Biker
    August 13, 2012 at 12:29

    I tend towards the Alpha male status myself, but in an almost all male industry (Oil and Gas) thats fine; most men don’t have any problem with a man tearing about on a motorcycle and being loud. I don’t think I could function in the offices you describe and I believe the title of your post gives the clue. After all, if the opposite of Eloi is Morlock, with no grey areas between, highbrow or brute, then that is what you will end up with and the ultimate losers are the women.

  6. Mum of 3
    August 13, 2012 at 12:47

    You want to try being an ‘unfortunate’ female and dealing with these monsters. When I have to attend either the job centre or work club (I was a married mum of three, 14 and under, who’s father walked out so am in receipt of benefits). These places are almost exclusively staffed by women that are so god awfully smug I get the urge to punch them. Most of them appear to be fat, middle aged housewives who have husbands that are happy to pay childcare so their wives can have a job outside the home. They take an almost unholy delight in being rude to, and looking down on women who weren’t quite as lucky in their choice of life partner. At my job centre the only men appear to be the branch manager, who spends his time running from desk to desk helping these women with various problems (I can’t find this form, this person made me cry, I’ve run out of paper clips etc) and the 2 6ft+ security men that stand either side of the 5ft female gatekeeper, presumably to stop her getting her face kicked in every time she welcomes an ‘unfortunate’ person with the words ‘Back again, ha ha?’. As for job club, trying to explain to a 23 yr old, female co-ordinator that there is a big difference between getting a years paid maternity leave from the job centre to have your 1st child and then getting your mum to do the child care so you can work flexitime, and trying to work out how to get a job that pays minimum wage and pay childcare for three children, well don’t bother, she managed so why can’t you!. These women are the worst of the worst. These women aren’t feminists, they’re not even feminazis. In fact they are so far removed from the concept they are more like the women of bygone eras that any self respecting feminist would have dismissed on sight. They got married, had children, got bored of being a stay at home Mum so got a job, all of which was only made possible by having a hard working, money earning husband in the background. These women spend their days ridiculing, humiliating and patronising all the women that weren’t so lucky. They remind me a great deal of the women of the past, you know, the ones that were happy to go on a march for ‘Womens Rights’ but only if it meant they could get home in time to relieve the ‘unfortunate’ Nanny and serve their husbands dinner, cooked by an ‘unfortunate’ Housekeeper. I don’t want to start a man vs women thing but if you think these women are damaging the prospects of men you really should acknowledge the damage these women are doing to their own sex as well. And that is my rant over.

  7. August 13, 2012 at 12:59

    Hi James, the office I describe was in the UK, but about 15 years ago. So my definition of “recent” in the context of my reply means “within the last 15 years” .

    I live 100% of my time in France these days, with just occasional visits to the UK.

  8. August 13, 2012 at 15:21

    Mum of 3 – I agree completely and have heard many tales about this.

    It is not “women” who are doing men out of jobs – I stated that in the post. It is the government policy plus the type you yourself described in horrific detail.

    So put it all together – your experience, that of the men, the utter soullessness of so many of these men today and you’d agree that something is desperately wrong.

  9. Amfortas
    August 14, 2012 at 10:36

    I spent over 20 years in the military (UK) so can lay some claim to being a ‘sound chap’. That was in the days when feminism was worming its way into british society. The take-over of men’s roles was underway but is not complete; and it will never be because woman want only the cushy jobs, usually indoor in the air-conditioned offices or workplaces. They won’t do the dirty, dangerous, uncomfortable jobs that require a clear eye on matters beyond self and self-interest. They gravitate into and dominate the ‘beta-male’ jobs, the bureaucratic soft jobs in councils – not the roads department and garbage collection – the ‘education industry and pretty well all publicly-paid jobs, but not ‘defence (unless it is as PR Officer).

    I would not advise any young alpha male to join the military. The UK society hates men. It is not worth defending. Let the friggin’ women do it.

    I would however advise young men with spirit to ‘go their own way’. Gain self-respect based on Integrity and Authenticity. Find and develop their own projects and endeavours. Get on a ship. Go elsewhere, anywhere, and do not stop for a long time. See the world. Learn. Build. Discover. Find their Spirit. Do Good. But do not stay and even bother to ‘fight’ feminism. Let the women lie in the bed that they shat in – alone.

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