Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?

I’ll gobble you up, said the troll, who was immediately arrested by the police for sending a threatening communication to the goats.

There has been much ado, recently, regarding trolls and trolling. One person was arrested and sent to prison, another was made famous the world over, and then arrested. Countless others didn’t get the attention they sought but were arrested non the less. Yet, as far as I can tell, to date, not a single person, famous or otherwise, has actually died, was somewhat bruised or even remotely harmed in anyway by the words these trolls wrote.

There seems to be a concerted effort amongst certain people, that post their innermost thoughts (deep or otherwise) via that bastion of intellectual communication, Twitter, to take down anyone that responds to their twits, twats, what ever you call them in less than complimentary terms.

Let’s take the most recent addition to ‘Twitter Writers against Trolls’ (let’s call them twats for short, shall we?).

Worried Katherine Jenkins ‘calls police after Twitter troll threatens to cut her’ following Beckham affair denial

Following her Twitter denial regarding rumours that she had an affair with David Beckham, Katherine Jenkins has suffered a backlash.

The singer received death threats from a web trolls on the micro-blogging site, and was reportedly so frightened she had to call the police.

According to The Sun a friend close to Jenkins said she sought after assistance from the police ‘straight away’ and was ‘disgusted’ by the messages.

Speaking to the newspaper her friend said: ‘She was disgusted by the abuse because it was so sinister and scary.’

One message read: ‘Honestly, and you all said my dislike of Katherine Jenkins was irrational (it is, and that b**** is getting cut if David and Posh split).’

Another abusive Twitter user wrote: ‘I’ll kill that s*** Katherine Jenkins’.

Jenkins’ friend continued: ‘When she saw the messages she straight away wanted to protect herself by getting police involved.

Protect herself from what exactly?. Anyone with half a brain cell can tell that these comments are written by, at best, semi literate, cellar dwellers, or at worst, die hard fans of ‘Posh n Becks’. What are the later going to do, beat Katherine Jenkins to death with the latest copy of Heat magazine?. As for the former, well, they are cellar dwellers for a reason.

I love the fact that whilst Katherine was busy being scared, disgusted and phoning the police, her ‘friend’ was just as busy phoning The Sun. I guess the phrase ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ still rings true, but I’m rather liking the phrase ‘grow the f*** up or shut the f*** up’.

A friend of mine recently stated ‘Say what you think, regardless. Those that care don’t mind and those that mind aren’t worth caring about’.

Later in the day – I have just spotted a post by Longrider, about how certain people (journalists) believe other people (bloggers) should have their opinions quashed simply because Group A doesn’t like what Group B is saying, and group B swears a lot. I love the strap line

The blogosphere, increasingly fuelled by toxic language, is hindering honest engagement rather than encouraging it

I don’t believe this is so. I think honest engagement is increasingly hindered by fame hungry celebs, part time journos and all manner of other people. People that sally forth under the protection of ‘Free Speech’ to write or opine what they believe in, only to call in the politzi the minute someone else dares to oppose or offend them.

2 comments for “Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?

  1. August 27, 2012 at 17:17

    “I guess the phrase ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ still rings true,”

    It does. I’m sure many trolls are real, but cynical old me wonders if they all are. After all, the celebs get some free publicity and for those who are not so keen on free speech, the troll meme is refreshed.

  2. ivan
    August 27, 2012 at 19:07

    Who started the rumour in the first place?

    She was a good singer when she started out but she let the ‘fame’ of publicity ruin her.

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