Fifty Shades book burning call by abuse charity

The bonfire of the profanities…..

You can read the full articles by following the links, but in a nutshell Clare Phillipson, of Wearside Women in Need, thinks the book is disgusting and will lead to an increase in domestic violence against women. To prevent this happening She wants everyone (else) to rush out and buy a copy, drop it off to her, and She will set fire to it.

Cheezus wept. The Daily Mail article is a bit more in depth, in that it shows just how little understanding of domestic violence this woman actually has. I mean seriously, if you follow her line of thinking, the last 10 yrs should have seen a dramatic rise in children leaping out of windows protected by nothing more than a dusty bed sheet and a vileda supermop.

The fact that ’50 Shades of Grey’ is aimed at middle aged women with too much time and too little sex/brain cells seems to have passed this woman by. It’s called ‘Mommy Porn’ for a reason. Most of my female friends have read this series, as have most of their female friends. The only man I know that has even physically touched one of these books is my brother, it was the nearest thing to hand to kill a spider. I believe most men wouldn’t even consider reading ’50 Shades of Grey’, they simply couldn’t be bothered with all the romantic guff between the sex scenes. If they fancy a little S&M porn they just hit up the internet. Only women bother to pad out porn with love stories, I suspect it makes them feel a bit better about themselves. It’s not porn it’s literature.

On a more serious note, I always get annoyed when I hear someone chuffing on about domestic violence towards women, what about the men that are beaten and abused daily by their female partners?. The women beaten by their girlfriends, and men by their boyfriends?. Domestic violence happens in all walks of life. To focus on one group of victims really does make it harder for those outside that demographic to come forward and seek help. This woman claims to be an advocate for victims of domestic violence yet her tunnel vision regarding this subject does more harm than good. I have no statistics to back up my next statement but I’m still going to bet that the biggest single cause of domestic violence is the perpetrators (be they male or female) growing up in a household where domestic violence was par for the course. It has nothing to do with violent porn and even less to do with badly written ‘Mommy Porn’.

Disclaimer – I have not read ’50 Shades of Grey’, nor do I intend to. I find the idea of being tied up and beaten on the bottom with a riding crop about as sexually alluring as a threesome with Bernard Manning and Gordon Brown.**

*I think it was the blogger Obo who made the word ‘Wimmin’ popular, when describing a certain type of female. He definitely came up with the term ‘Wittering Cl**’ to describe a certain type of zealous yet pointless female.  I think Clare Phillipson is most certainly a wittering cl**.

** You’re welcome 🙂

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  1. August 24, 2012 at 08:45

    Firstly, thanks again for your N2 article, Seaside Sourpuss and once more thought-provoking. I see my relationships with people such as Cherie and Rossa showing that at least we can get on well in RL – as distinct from the combative blog – and recognize differences and the need to compromise in areas.

    The greatest positive is when we can see the other side just a bit. For example, that one of the guy who stormed out of the pub, his gf then got raped – that was partly him, partly her, mostly the thug and a bit of bad luck thrown in. The media has made it all one way.

    There was a quote somewhere – I’ll try to dig it out – which said that the author felt the most important thing was to find the “right relation” with a woman. If two people care enough, surely they’ll try to find that, to hammer it out?

    Experience mainly helps here.

    I have no statistics to back up my next statement but I’m still going to bet that the biggest single cause of domestic violence is the perpetrators (be they male or female) growing up in a household where domestic violence was par for the course.

    Think it might be a variety of factors but yes – previous form is a biggy.

  2. Moggsy
    August 24, 2012 at 08:52

    I am really not comfortable with the idea of “book burning”, except maybe to get rid of worn out library books and run the cental heating.

  3. August 24, 2012 at 08:53

    Yes – distinctly uneasy about it here. The precedent is not good.

  4. Seaside Sourpuss
    August 24, 2012 at 09:20

    Regarding the book burning, Ms Phillipson does state that there is no correlation between the Nazi’s burning books they found undesirable and her burning a book she found undesirable. I was going to shout GODWIN, but I thought it a little passe. Likewise I refrained from calling her a FemiNazi, because She has already stated (see above) that she isn’t a Nazi, in anyway shape size or form.

    I did snort at the phrase-
    If two people care enough, surely they’ll try to find that, to hammer it out?

    I thought riding crops and whipping canes was the extent of beating implements. Hammers, nah, not so sexy.

  5. Rossa
    August 24, 2012 at 10:01

    Ahhh..chippy* porn!

    Nails, hammers and saws eh James? Well you can always Do It Yourself 😉

    *chippy = carpenter, not the potato kind…lol

  6. Rossa
    August 24, 2012 at 10:10

    As for 50 Shades of Grey, my stepmother and stepsister have read it but I’m not into ‘billionaire meets naive young virgin and ties her up in knots of all kinds’ stories.

    The old saw (pun intended, sorry James) that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” will no doubt apply. I’d guess that all the women being encouraged to buy the book will read it first before burning it.

    And don’t tell the Greenies when and where. They won’t like all that CO2 being released out of the dead trees. 🙂

  7. Moggsy
    August 24, 2012 at 10:39

    Um… was Eva Anna Paula Braun a FemiNazi? Or Diana & Unity Mitford? Just asking ^_^

  8. August 24, 2012 at 10:47

    Great post!

    I posted not too long ago about some insane zealots who were attempting to brand Fifty Shades ‘child porn’.

    Because even if the lead character is twenty-one, she’s apparently REALLY only twelve, and the author is tricking us, or something.


  9. Seaside Sourpuss
    August 24, 2012 at 11:22

    Coffee through the nose at Rossas’ DIY quip

  10. August 24, 2012 at 12:41

    Rossa, you’re a naughty girl. I’m deeply humiliated and offended – well I’m practising anyway.

  11. August 24, 2012 at 16:42

    Burn the book! Because it’s so badly written. 😉

    It’s an affront to all good writers everywhere that it does so well even though it so bad.

  12. August 25, 2012 at 00:41

    I commented to someone recently that I must be the only person on the planet that hasn’t read that book, it doesn’t have the slightest appeal to me. Ever since I made that comment all the comments about the book have tended to the negative side 😉

    I don’t condone the burning of books, especially when in the modern age so many people don’t read any books. I think that any book that inspires a person to start reading, can’t be ‘all’ bad 😉

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