Wump wump wump in the early morning

This morning whilst half awake just before seven, I thought I could hear hammering in the distance, I turned over but it wouldn’t go away and after a couple of minutes wondered who was doing that at this time of the morning.

I got up to investigate and as I approached the window realised this was no hammering – it was the beanie hatted son of next door’s neighbour preparing to leave in the multi coloured Peugeot with the obscene exhaust, only he must have gone back inside for something as he had left the driver’s door open and the resultant sound was wafting across the neighborhood. You all know the one goes something like wump wump wump for several minutes and is interspersed with a machine gun like rat a tat tat every so often.

He soon left but it reminded me of the previous day when I drove to the local town and was stuck in the traffic.
Whilst inching forward, I could hear the same dulcet tones emanating from the car behind, stuck as we were. I had to endure this for a couple of light changes and as I approached the lights the car behind swung out and entered the right turn lane in front of me, alongside him and in front of me was a young woman driver minding her own business but the nob – for he was surely one- slightly opened his passenger window and turned the sound up in an attempt to impress the the young woman with his taste in music whether she wanted to share in it or otherwise.

She turned her head towards him with a look that said it all basically -you are a nob.

What is it that makes these cretins think anyone else would be vaguely interested in their non taste in a noise that only with great effort could be aligned with music, one of the great mysteries of modern life.

2 comments for “Wump wump wump in the early morning

  1. Sackerson
    August 30, 2012 at 17:10

    Does the music get faster when they speed up?

    They don’t like it when you’re waiting at a red light and you start bobbing about to the rhythm of their private disco – really, don’t do it.

  2. August 30, 2012 at 21:05

    Ha ha – that vid made my day. White wine tonight though – red makes a mess when you suddenly snigger into it.

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