This is short. I’m supposed to be working (boo sucks) but I couldn’t let this go by without some kind of comment.

A four-year-old girl has been found hiding inside a British-registered car in which three bodies were discovered eight hours earlier, French police say.

The bodies of two women and a male driver – all thought to be British – were found near Lake Annecy in the Alps on Thursday. A cyclist, said to be a local man, was found shot dead nearby.

Officials said the unharmed girl was hiding under one of the bodies.

How the hell could something like this happen?. There’s whoops we missed a blood drop and then there is countless police and paramedics, swarming the scene for 8 hours, none of whom spotted a whole actual child. Who declared the victims officially dead, and how did they manage to do so without actually removing the bodies from the car, or even, it would appear entering the car at all?.

Fishy?, something about this stinks to high heaven.

A four-year-old British girl found alive under the bodies of her family who were massacred in the French Alps told police how she was so terrified she ‘could not tell the difference between the good guys and bad guys’, it emerged today.

8 hours is a pretty long time to stay hidden from the good/bad men. Even the average 4 yr old can figure out when a danger has passed. Regardless of her seemingly, above average, elocution, there may well be some truth in what She said. After all, who, be they 4 or 40 continues to hide in fear from the bad men, long after the good men aka police and paramedics have turned up to help*?.

* I’m trying hard to refrain from accusing outright, someone in a uniform from having committed this crime but’s hard. Really hard.

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  1. dearieme
    September 6, 2012 at 11:22

    They’ve had cases in France of crooks wearing police uniform flagging down drivers and then robbing them.

  2. Rossa
    September 7, 2012 at 08:09

    She was hiding under the skirt and legs of one of the women in the back seat of the car. Depending on which way round she was lying, face down or up, moving two legs of a dead person by a 4 year old maybe a bit difficult. There is limited space in the footwell and she would have been effectively trapped in the space.

    The Police who attended the scene confirmed the 3 adults in the car were dead because they were all shot in the head. They are not supposed to disturb a crime scene and were waiting for the forensics team which had to be flown to the area from Paris.

    I think it is quite possible that the little girl was very frightened after hearing 15 shots (they’ve found the spent cartridges) from an automatic pistol, some at very close range, which must have been very loud. She may even have fallen asleep from trauma/exhaustion.

    The Police only found out about her existence from other people on the campsite where the family was staying. There have been reports that they were searching the area around the car as her elder sister was found outside of the vehicle (shot 3 times) as I guess they thought she had run away. A helicopter was reportedly used whether with thermal imaging or not I don’t know.

    Overall it appears to me to be more of a contract type killing, wiping out the target and any possible witnesses. In such a rural location well away from a main road, the chances that this was a random attack or robbery seems to me to be minimal. You’d have to wait a long time on the off chance that someone would drive/walk/cycle by. Someone could have been at the campsite and followed them, but then again this is only my own speculation based on various reports in circulation.

  3. Seaside Sourpuss
    September 7, 2012 at 11:54

    There is obviously more information out there than when I first wrote this post. It would appear She was hiding under the front seat. Either way for no one to find her for 8 hours is still shocking. There is much talk about ‘preserving the scene’ but this is tosh, in any country. Only certain people can declare a death, even if they are stiff and blue it is still expected for paramedics to attempt live saving procedures until an official (Dr or Coroner) turns up and declares life extinct. I think the first responders simply dropped the ball on this one, and I actually feel a little bit sorry for them. I wrote this post before the victims had been named, and further information on them released. I sad to say, I’m less inclined to believe it was some kind of French conspiracy and leaning more towards the theory of it being a family feud over money.

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