The site was inaccessible to me this morning.  While it was up on another computer, it wasn’t on mine and essentially, I couldn’t get into the dashboard to post and edit.

The only ongoing issues I know of at this time are:

1. with Google who keep pasting notices over the control buttons of their horrible new email layout, insisting I upgrade Firefox, which I can’t do because new Firefox is no longer supported on my version of Mac.

2. with WordPress who insist I upgrade but if I did, I’d have all the problems OoL has and when I did upgrade at one time, these were mainly visited on NO as well.   So I went back to the old version and it works a treat.   WordPress is obviously not happy about that and keeps sending notices.

The only other issue I can see at this time is that there have been some provocative posts on Islam and Knox – two issues one does not touch if one wants a safe life.    So I’ve been expecting something to happen.   Not linking this current trouble with that but when WP tells you you’re vulnerable to attack and you haven’t been at all but then suddenly are, the imagination can do strange things.

Anyway, whatever the reason, there could be issues today and tomorrow.    If this happens and if no posts go up, count that as unusual – I would have put up a notice like this.   From 06:00 to 20:00, you can usually count on at least something from one of the others or me and there are none currently scheduled.

So, if you’re here in that position, here are the alternatives:

Nourishing Obscurity Blogger [the original site]
Nourishing Obscurity Free WordPress [failsafe and archive]

A notice will go up there.  Thanks.

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  1. September 19, 2012 at 22:35

    I can access this site but when I tried, out of curiosity, to go to your Blogger blog it hung up my computer, had to re-start it. There’s something odd going on – probably to do with all the flippin’ changes they all keep dreaming up – and which nobody really wants or needs.

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