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Via Ian Parker-Joseph, from Jack Lewis:

Hi All,

I’ve just been put in the position to put my money and my principles where my mouth is!

I was given a commission to do a painting for a jigsaw company for a handsome fee. Part of the spec was to give it a ‘British’ feeling. At the bottom is the painting.

Ater seeing an email of it the company asked me to remove the flag as there are people in N. Ireland who will not buy anything with a Union Jack on it. The also asked me to make a few, non-nationalistic, cosmetic changes which were OK.
The following was my reply.

Hi Audray,
I am a fiercely patriotic person! I am anti-EU and know that Edward Heath committed treason when he handed our sovereignty, as a nation, over to a foreign power namely the EEC. I am sick and tired of the way the culture, traditions, religion and British way of life has been violated by successive governments since then. We have been inundated by foreigners to the point where people are now crying out ‘We Want Our Country Back’ see this link: http://www.wewantourcountryback.co.uk/

Sadly we have got used to being criticised, in our own country, for being too British which is a preposterous state of affairs.
I imagine that those in Northern Ireland who wouldn’t purchase would be part of the minority of fierce republicans who are effectively foreigners anyway. Interestingly there has been an upsurge of people leaving the two main political parties, MPs among them, to join UKIP and the BNP. One would have thought that a jigsaw displaying the Union Jack would actually sell more of them!

Today it is considered ‘racist’ to claim to be British and to be proud of it. I deliberately painted the Union Flag as a personal act of patriotism and because part of the jigsaw specification was to maintain an element of ‘Britishness’. I’m happy to carry-out the other suggestions you made but I am not prepared to remove the the flag. If this is not acceptable to you then I shall withdraw from the commission and free you from any obligation.
Please don’t think badly of me but there are certain matters of principle that I cannot compromise on – I’m too old for that.



They too will not compromise so I have withdrawn from the commission.

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  1. Amfortas
    September 22, 2012 at 17:10

    Bravo. May pieces of their jigsaws be lost and infuriate muslim buyers.

  2. September 23, 2012 at 01:16

    But did Jack have permission fromm his local council to fly that flag and not the EU one?

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